Making (Micro) Waves

Our $50 microwave failed us last night, and I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a message in all this. Isn’t there some church — Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I think — that espouses wearing tinfoil beanies? It may be time to investigate their orthodoxy more thoroughly. Let’s review: Lynn and I left a […]

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I don’t have much today — it is very late, and I’ve had non-stop problems with internet connection since arriving at work. But here, before your very eyes, is the update on Marrakesh. Yes, we went outside, probably in an ill-advised move, but boy did it put some spring in his step and made him […]

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Fighting Fire With Water

We at Pat’s Screen Printing have figured out the secret to bringing customers in the door: all it takes is for Fire Marshal Hugo Ferchau to offer an impromptu fire safety training, and the world arrives. Hugo (the third, remember — not his grandfather the college professor nor his father the high school teacher and […]

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Oh, animals. . . One day after touting big, bad Oz, chasing off on quixotic midnight quests after creatures unknown, I found myself awakened at 3 a.m. by same big bad dog trying desperately to climb into bed with me — something he has only done previously on Fourths of July as fireworks explode everywhere. […]

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Trading Spaces

There were choices to be made, after Oz woke me up way too early barking ferociously at something offending his sense of propriety. I leaped up, expecting to find a bear or mountain lion at the back door, the way he was carrying on, but I saw nothing. I heard something, maybe a racoon, maybe […]

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Off in the Tall Grass

Sorry, I forgot to post this. Dusty arrived to inspect the second microwave, also badly dented, and then Shelf-a-Palozza planning commenced. In all the excitement, I failed in my blog duties. I have less for you than usual today. The third and final bicycle grand tour of the year, La Vuelta a Espana (Tour of […]

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The Fine Art of Surfacing

I am going to a memorial service today. I have missed the last several I should have gone to, and this instance I’m feeling like this is too little, too late. Many months ago, my friend Narcissa told me she was going to Grand Junction to visit Joanne Williams, a mutual friend who was not […]

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