Everything’s Better With Bacon

The other day, it must have been Wednesday, Kara wanted to know if work was starting to interfere with my blogging lifestyle. While that answer is “no,” it does seem like Life itself is messing with my blogging. Tuesday I started to tell you about our six inches of wet snow and the additional havoc […]

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A Turkey of a Holiday

What a difference a year makes, hm? Last year Lynn and I were looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving in our new house, and this year — well, we’re having a quiet Thanksgiving in our slightly less new house. It’s amazing, if not outright depressing, how much difference there is in doing something because you […]

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(Not) There For You

I’m sure I can come up with excuses — I’m always good at those — but I don’t really have one for my lack of participation in my own blog. I thought I would do better this morning, but it’s clear now, at 9:20, that I’m not going to. I had a semi-productive weekend, just […]

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Rash Behavior

It’s 9 a.m. on the third day in a row that I’ve thought is Friday (although that might be correct today), and I’m very slow getting started here. I am being eaten alive. By bugs, by business, by the notion that only gains strength each day that the country I thought I’ve lived in for […]

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Flight of Irony

Humanity is such a seething mass of contradictions. Two stories on CBS this morning, 40 minutes apart, so far apart that apparently we all missed the sardonic irony. In the second story, CBS’s travel correspondent detailed the re-roll-out of Boeing’s Air Max 737. This is the plane that if I recall correctly had two crashes […]

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Coming Into the Cold

It was cold in the wood shop. Sunday afternoon, the sun already headed west, and I was alone in the entire makers’ space. I debated turning up the heat, but that seemed kind of frivolous when it was just me, and I once again optimistically thought my project wouldn’t keep me there very long. It […]

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O Christmas Tree

Lynn made a mistake once. Yes, just once, a long time ago — and no, I’d like to think it wasn’t taking up with the likes of me. We had just finished a Sunday breakfast with our peeps. That’s how long ago it was — remember back to when people could gather freely, without concern, […]

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I set up shop early this morning in the living room, watching the snow come down. Then I realized I was hearing some noise our house doesn’t usually make, but it took longer than it should have (it was early, remember) for it to occur to me that it was wind. A mid-November blizzard. So […]

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Radio Silence, 9 a.m.

This is the situation as I knew it this morning. Perhaps you have deduced, given the late arrival of this entry, that the problem was bigger than me and Spectrum. We’ll save that for tomorrow, even though readers in the Gunnison Valley already know the story. Every single time. Every single time. For reasons that […]

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