This and That

The weather is still overcasting a pall of gloom on our Colorado “spring,” although as yet the snow has not made it to Gunnison. (I understand it found Crested Butte yesterday.) I have watched two cats tussle in the kitchen while the ever-vigilant dog eyed them lazily from his ensconcement (probably not a word, but […]

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At Bloggerheads

Topics, topics, everywhere, and not a one to bite. After hours of gloom, the sun is shining tepidly, but I am still feeling like a wan Karen Carpenter: Rainy days and Monday always get me down. To be perfectly honest, the “always” is incorrect. “Rarely” would be better, but today is that rare day, and […]

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Under the Family Tree

Yesterday, as part of the on-going quest to begin to prepare to get ready to move, I set out to clear the top of a dresser. That sounds simple, right? And I didn’t expect it to take very long, because there wasn’t very much stuff on top. But part of the repose was a stack […]

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All Quiet on the House Front

Last night, Lynn and I watched The Orville, a television show created by and starring Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad — that Seth MacFarlane). It’s either a total rip-off of, or homage to, Star Trek in its first couple incarnations. But it entertains us; that’s all we ask. Last night, to escape the relentless, […]

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Technology Bites

Why is communication so hard in this age of instant communication? Back in the “olden days” (perhaps we’d like to call them Good Old Days), you sat down with a piece of paper and a pen, and hand-scribbled a letter to someone. They could keep it forever, and at some point a student of history […]

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C is for Cookie, Part II

So Lynn is a baker, once professionally, now in her spare time, and this makes many people, including me, happy. Or spoiled. Or both. If we are invited to a party, no one wants or cares to know what I’m bringing; they just assume that Lynn will be providing some sort of dessert. And generally […]

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