Hitting a Wal

So far, my at-home time has not been productive. That was one of the points, to try to get my life sorted out and organized, a task that ought not to take any more than 20 years — 25, tops. But I did, late yesterday afternoon, open up the smallest box I could find, the […]

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This may surprise you, but I am having trouble with math. There I was, idly lying around, barely paying attention to the Denver news when I learned that Gunnison appears to be the epicenter of Colorado’s covid-19 outbreak. I found all the charts on the state’s virus page, which shows that yes indeed, if you […]

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Walking with Sadie

I like to think I can charm any dog out there, just as these dogs all charm me. This is an illusive, possibly delusional, thought, but it works out often enough with dogs’ winsome ways and my secret technique that I think it’s true even when it isn’t. So when Julia said  Sadie hadn’t really […]

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Adventures in Grocery Shopping

I am completely traumatized, recently returned from my first official foray into a grocery store since Lockdown began. I had been as far as the City Market pharmacy and one nearby aisle, but that’s it. I believe Lynn has gone shopping twice. We are trying to stay away, but the county has asked that the […]

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I Can’t Explain It

Warning: politics ahead, and they’re not polite. There are still one or two things I don’t understand in this world. I don’t, for instance, understand a single thing Marrakesh wants (although I don’t think he does either). Moving up the scale, I don’t understand the governor’s trifecta of alcohol, pot and guns as “essential” to […]

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The Face of Covid-19

Many years ago, a Crested Butte teenager was badly injured in a ski accident. From her daughter’s bedside at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, the girl’s mother wrote one of the most eloquent and beautiful letters to the Crested Butte newspaper that I have ever read. I can’t quote it from memory all these […]

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Reaching Out

It turns out, I live in a technological backwater. I knew I personally was not hip and with it, but it turns out I am not alone, as I discovered over and over yesterday. On Monday Pat’s held its first Skype meeting, with Fortino, James and I at the shop and Kara and Vann calling […]

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In a Mood

Sorry: I set out yesterday morning planning another non-virus (also non-viral) topic, but coronvirus is pretty much omnipresent despite not being (I hope) in the house, and I just couldn’t put virtual pen to virtual paper. I met Kara, who is 20 years younger than me, when she was in the fifth grade and I […]

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Old Friends

It is clear, if we start taking inventory, that I have a lot of books. Too many, really, for our down-sized up-size. I already have more books than shelves, and once I started toting up real estate yesterday, I realized that my self-reliant bookcase and the wall-length shelf that Dusty installed in my room do […]

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Business as Unusual

Yesterday Pat’s Screen Printing was the recipient of at least three acts of kindness, along with some questionable assistance from a new countywide task force. Before I could call him, our landlord, Dan Rundell, called us and cut the rent in half for the next couple of months. He called from Grand Junction, where he […]

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