The Mechanics of It All

It’s just as well we didn’t get a flow meter installed on our water line when we were supposed to, although what this really means is more money needing to be spent on a new house. Yesterday an employee of the plumbing company owned by our neighbors arrived to install the flow meter we were […]

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Our Dinner With Tia

My Dinner With Andre arrived in movie theatres in the fall of my sophomore year of college, right at the height of my infatuation with art films. And yet somehow I never got around to watching this one, which is one of those more beloved by people who find films “significant” than people who just […]

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There’s No Place Like Home

At breakfast last Sunday, where we covered a wide range of topics in a very noisy place (one of our topics was this modern notion by restaurateurs that noise is cool), I was asked at some point — or maybe it was a statement — about missing my old house. With thought, I have decided […]

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Help Wanted

This morning I thought I’d go looking for a job. The thought didn’t last long, stymied at every short turn I took. I don’t actually want a new job. What I want to know is what people are getting paid in Gunnison, relative to Pat’s Screen Printing. I don’t need to know what any one […]

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Once upon a time everyone who lived in Gunnison had multiple stories of multiple winters of cold. Like fish, I find these stories grow larger with time, and everyone I know can remember winters where it was 20, 30, 40, 50, no, maybe it was 60 below for an entire week, two weeks, no, maybe […]

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The Eleemosynary Mr. Campbell

When I was in grade school, I had a classmate named Mike Campbell. While we weren’t unfriendly, we weren’t friends. We didn’t do things together, or play on the playground together, or interact other than in classroom fashion. I seem to recall him being quite an artist. Mike lived one block due south of Lake […]

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Room for Bookshelves

I did not spend this morning on a bus, although perhaps you thought I did, since I didn’t report in a timely fashion. I’m still here in Gunnison, banished from the family birthday party in Arvada by my mother, who already has her own germs and wants nothing to do with mine. So instead of […]

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