I reached for a pair of glasses this morning, and then wondered why. Not why I was reaching for them, since my eyes seem to be worsening by the day and without them I couldn’t read the words in three recently-uncovered comic strips drawn by Charles Schulz. It scarcely mattered, in the grand scheme of […]

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There’s a new syndrome going around, and I’m pretty sure I have it: Post-Pandemic Fatigue. Okay, there’s not, yet, such a thing, but just give social scientists some time and there will be. Its defining features will be rushing headlong back into one’s pre-covid existence without a thought to just how much your life and […]

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A Matter of Perspective

In the Before Times, starting about this time of year, I would wonder about ants. This year, depending on where you live, you might be wondering about cicadas, but I ponder ants. Not really the ants themselves so much, but their place in the universe. I try hard not to step on ants as they […]

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Busy Being Busy

Maybe it’s because last year seemed rather interminable and long, but these days the days are screaming by, and I feel like I’m losing total control over them. I still can’t account for my time, but whatever I’m doing with it, it’s whizzing right along. My schedule, which probably really isn’t, feels completely jam-packed. But […]

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Grokking About “Grok”

This morning, for no apparent reason in particular, I started one of those trains of thought that ambles through the countryside before dropping one off at some pleasant station never heard of before and certainly not on one’s itinerary. Who even knows where I started, but then I wandered to reminiscing about the days I […]

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Some Who Wander Are Lost

One of my Friday, sometimes Saturday, activities is to read, after the fact, a live chat with an advice columnist in the Washington Post. I doubt very much that she plans a “theme” to the questions she receives each week, but yesterday she found herself advising several people to get out of relationships with narcissists. […]

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My mind has lacked the discipline necessary for blogging this week; everything and nothing seems like a viable topic, and none of it floats down in organized fashion. While we’re talking organization, we certainly would not be talking my time management. The first Grand Tour bike race of the season, the Giro d’Italia, started last […]

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Family Fest 2021

My niece had a birthday last week. Two days later, she graduated from my alma mater, the University of Colorado at Boulder. Sunday was Mothers’ Day. My mom’s birthday is later this week. That made this past weekend Family Fest 2021 up in Arvada. (Or maybe it’s down in Arvada. Down in altitude, up on […]

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One Piece of Paper

We have a bulletin board at work. It’s outside, and people use it to post their notices. In a non-covid year, it generally hosts far more notices than there is space on the board, and the arts center never helps this by generating multiple oversize posters all looking for homes at the same time. College […]

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Back on Track

I know, I know, I know. It’s not much of a daily blog when it comes out once a month. I have missed May Day, May the Fourth Be With You, and today is both Cinco de Mayo and my niece Ellie’s birthday. But there has been no oxygen in the room so to speak, […]

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