Barbaric Yawp

I suppose I “miss out” by not Facebooking, to verbize the English language. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to get my news from reputable sources: newspapers, TV, word on the street. Which is how I learned about the big news planned for Gunnison yesterday. My bank teller said, “I’m wearing yellow! We’re with you!” […]

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A Wing and a Prayer

Yesterday I interrupted a phone conversation with Kara to announce a large bird, perhaps a sandhill crane, had just landed at our pond. (Ours because our property touches an eighth or ninth of the shoreline.) But the bird moved lower, out of sight, while I was trying to decide if it was a crane or […]

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The timing was not good: about two weeks after we hired our newest employee, we sent him home and told him to stay there. This turns out to not be the best way to get to know someone. Ben, our graphic designer for eight years, gave notice in January that he would be leaving us […]

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Blue-Sky Problems

We haven’t talked about the weather in a long time — it feels overdue. And yet, even as I set out, we all know the conversation is going to evolve, possibly devolve, into a virus discussion. They all do. As Ashton Altieri, weather prognosticator for CBS Denver, was busy touting the “bluebird” day he’s calling […]

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Technology Bytes

Today I am pondering many things, among them technology, and mostly people and technology, and how do some people decide when enough is too much? My friend Paul wrote a column for the local paper about his covid-19 ordeal, full of thanks for the staff at St. Mary’s Hospital, the health workers in Gunnison, his […]

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The Difference Between

Up until now, I’ve never had a dog that liked toys, much. Sometimes a ball, although Ashoka was the first to actually fetch it and not just run around and want to be chased while holding it in her mouth. And then came Ozzie, for whom I bought several toys, none of which he liked. […]

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Socially Distant Money

Money. It’s on a lot of people’s minds these days, and as so much of the time, it’s an infuriating notion. I doubt that it’s really a secret, but in a perfect world, I would be a socialist. A true Marxist (despite never reading his work), not a Russian communist nor a disciple of Mao, […]

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Out of Balance

One of the art films I missed, despite its debut during the thick of my art-film infestation, was a documentary called Koyaanisqatsi. It aired last night on Turner Classic Movies, in honor of Earth Day, but once we got past the mesmerizing sand dunes rippling in the wind, I decided the “famed” Philip Glass score […]

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Meeting Expectations

Sorry I was AWOL yesterday. I got a quarter of the way into a post, on personal versus social responsibility, and then work got in the way. Maybe I’ll get back to it; maybe national stupidity is wearing me down. While Kara had the work day from hell yesterday, I had one that got me […]

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Technological Prowess (A Boast)

Let’s just call me Mr. Technology. The only way I really win the title is if every other contestant drops out, but I’m feeling half-virtuoso-esque (and yes, I’m quite sure you’ll find that in a dictionary somewhere). [Which reminds me of a dictionary story. It’s a cautionary tale, and the moral is: never bet against […]

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