Charged Up

A little note of apology to followers: Yesterday I hit the “publish” button on my entry before adding a title (“Saturday Inspection Tour”), so the entry arrived with a mysterious “655” instead. It’s some sort of WordPress numbering, and it had nothing to do with the entry. Sorry if you were trying to discern some […]

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Saturday Inspection Tour

As soon as I finish this, this which I’ve barely started, Oz and I will head out on our Saturday morning routine: walking to Carol’s, where we inspect her house to make sure there are no leaks nor plumbing problems, and that the back door that popped open during the coldest days remains closed; and […]

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Wasted Day

The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed. –S├ębastien-Roch Chamfort There are days when I think I might just as well retire right now, because by the time I get done running around trying to manage the rest of my life, it leaves no room left for work. Yesterday was one […]

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This is why I don’t handicap horses at the track. My predictions are so hardly ever accurate. Y was late for court, again, but at least they didn’t immediately issue a bench warrant for his arrest. But that did mean sitting through everyone else’s continuances to April 12 before they circled back to Y. The […]

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Holding Court

Back in February, I wrote about “Y,” a man in his 20s whom I have followed through the court system who was going back into the system just three weeks before he was scheduled to get off an endless cycle of probation. I wrote that I didn’t know what was going to happen to him. […]

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Ruby Tuesday

I have to confess: I don’t really love how donating blood makes me feel. I mean that in the physical sense, although it’s kind of creeping into the emotional realm as well: there was a moment, however brief, yesterday where I wondered what would happen if I told the blood suckers I’d changed my mind […]

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No Season for Students

We had two customers of note in yesterday at Pat’s Screen Printing. We don’t know who one was, or even when he or she came through. We just know this person was there. And we know this because it was March yesterday: first it rained, then it froze, then it snowed, then it fogged, then […]

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