For the Birds

I did not know preparing my cereal was going to take up all of my morning, emptying two boxes, opening a third and sweeping up the mess I made — and I still have to give some demanding plants some water. This post is hardly finished, but I’ve been AWOL a lot lately, and I […]

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Top to Bottom

For a period of time, my mom and stepdad moved a lot. From Gunnison to Fort Collins back to Gunnison to Montrose to Santa Fe to Pueblo West. There they stopped for several years as John finished out his career with the U.S. Forest Service, but eventually they moved one more time, to their current […]

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Home Grown Tomatoes

First off: apologies to those of you who found yesterday’s post incomprehensible because it came in a single, solid paragraph. Like all things technology, WordPress was not happy leaving things alone, and a few weeks back it implemented its “block” system, assuring me I could go back to “classic” anytime I liked. I feel I […]

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The Last Picture Show

The first movie I fell asleep during was in 1996. My friend Matt and I were at the Flick Theatre watching Star Trek First Contact, and he said something witty, to which I didn’t reply. He took that as disapproval of his talking during the movie, but when I jerked awake a few short minutes […]

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Unreal Estate

What pandemic? Gunnison County has no virus cases, area businesses have more work than employees to work it, and real estate has turned completely unreal. While setting our for our Saturday Inspection Tour, Oz and I ran across the realtor who sold our lot to us. Kiley was re-establishing a “for sale” sign that took […]

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Cereal Science

Hang on everyone: I’m about to get all sciencey on you. Awhile back, I took a close look at my cereal bowl collection. I mentioned in an early blog post that these Tupperware bowls have been my breakfastware of choice for as long as I can remember — 55 years or more. No matter what […]

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A Hornets’ Nest

I was slogging and slogging (and slogging) through a post yesterday that would likely have been as painful for you to read as it was for me to write, when I gave up and headed out to work. I didn’t get very far, like driveway far, before I noticed some weird substance all over the […]

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Outwitted: Fernando

The other day I mentioned how technology is outwitting me at every turn these days. However, it is not the only aspect of life that is getting the best of me. No, I am also being undone by something small. Something unknown, sort of. As part of Gunnison’s great rodent infestation of 2020, a creature […]

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Believing in Dis

I first started watching road bicycling back at a time when many Americans got introduced to the sport: as Texan Lance Armstrong was dominating the Tour de France. At one point, and still in his mind I’m sure, he won seven Tours in a row, 1999-2005. However, all of those wins have since been negated […]

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Outwitted: Technology

I keep getting outwitted at every turn, which is adding a whole layer of frustration to my days, these days. A lot of it involves technology, of course. There’s my TV, which still isn’t speaking to the VCR and DVD player. It did, for one brief moment, but the moment passed. The only thing I […]

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