Mea, Sort Of

Three things have happened this young year, probably not in the order they should have, but nonetheless I have become obsessed, and it’s interfering with my blogging, big time. I can’t tell you why, because I set no resolution, nor resolve, nor anything else, but the first Saturday of January I opened an unsorted drawer […]

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Talkin’ Trash

Perhaps this does not strike you as absurd, but it kind of does me: I have been driving my trash around the county, even getting up early to do so, and paying big bucks to dispose of it. Let’s just note that I am not very good at throwing things away. As a child of […]

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Quantum. Say it long enough and it starts to sound like a Patuxet name, and it actually kind of is, because the man we call Squanto called himself Tisquantum, so there it is, right there in his name, as he made that foolhardy mistake of being friendly to the Pilgrims, which, I only just learned […]

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In the Neighborhood

When I first saw them, the couple walking east on Riverwalk Drive as Oz and I were walking west, they struck me as notable for a couple of reasons: they had no dog, and both were smoking cigarettes. For being a sprawling neighborhood of so many acres, we are still a small sort of place, […]

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Dona Nobis Pacem

Update: My friend Mary texted yesterday, after finally managing to get some sleep, to say that a neighbor had let them know their whole neighborhood is still standing after the fires that tore through Louisville and Superior two days ago. She and her family will go today to assess their situation, but her initial report […]

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