Ah, Cliffhangers

Lynn and I watched the end of a movie the other night that really wasn’t an end, and even though I didn’t see any of the rest of the movie I find myself rather stuck on the ending. The TV came up where it had left off: on Turner Classic Movies. “Classic” has now extended […]

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Ice Ice Baby

As I understand it, “owning the libs” means saying, or better yet, doing something that infuriates members of the Democratic party and their ilk. Yesterday — yes, only yesterday — it occurred to me that while the phrase doesn’t seem to exist in ordinary lexicon, “owning the cons” is every bit as viable. And easy […]

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Corona Pays a Visit

Three-quarters of the way into this post yesterday, WordPress once again ate my homework. I’m getting smarter: I took screen shots, so I only had to re-type, not re-create. See that? I can learn things in my old age. Three years into, and perhaps out of, a pandemic, Corona finally paid a visit to our […]

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