Full Steam Ahead

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A contractor, an electrician and a homeowner walk into a steam shower — Oh? You’ve heard it before? Okay, but I think this is the last time I get to tell it. I hope. Dusty the contractor and Shawn the electrician arrived yesterday afternoon for a process […]

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I’m pretty sure I already covered this topic. Such is the nature of modern existence, it is likely to keep getting repeated. The battery on this laptop may not be long for this world. At best, it is good for an hour, when I would like it to last double, if not triple, that. I […]

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Making Something of Myself

Providence smiled at me today, from the pages of the Gunnison Country Times. There was a time, not that long ago, probably when I was completely settled in a house, that I used to read the Times cover to cover every week. Then I would make it through at least the first section of the […]

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Lots of Lots

It’s becoming clear, Lynn and I are living in a hotbed of real estate wheeling and dealing. We had no idea until recently, despite being surrounded by lots that are for sale. Since 2017, Riverwalk has become somewhat of a hot spot, after languishing for a full decade. At the very last minute of 2016, […]

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There But For Grace

Yesterday’s 40 percent chance of snow flurries turned into a solid Christmas morning snowstorm, which was completely melted off in our new winter normal by midday. It made for a fine Christmas morning, except that I read a story in the Washington Post, and then made the mistake of reading the comments. I doubt it […]

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The Last Piece

When my family used to do jigsaw puzzles during the holidays, I would rarely sit down to help, but I would swipe an unplaced piece off the table so that I could come along and put the final piece of the puzzle in. This worked spectacularly (at least, I thought so, even if I was […]

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Adventures in (Crawl) Space

I’ve been putting this off, and I would have put it off again yesterday, after being the first to bring it up, if Lynn weren’t such a taskmaster. Okay, she isn’t, but she did say, “Let’s do this. Right now.” And she meant it. Which is how we found ourselves, for the first time ever, […]

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Petty For Gifts

Lynn and I received a gift box yesterday, a gift box consisting of several smaller gift boxes all tied up in a festive ribbon. It was from Straw and Timber Craftsmen, Dusty’s company — I was going to say “that built our house,” but since it’s a never-ending process I might need to say “is […]

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Feeding the World

I was in high school when I discovered the Boomtown Rats. Now, this is “discovered” as in Columbus “discovering” the New World. Since he encountered people already living in this New World, they presumably knew of its existence. So other people knew about the Boomtown Rats, but when I “discovered” them, it opened up a […]

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A Broken Electrical Record

I used all my blogging time writing the following e-mail to electrical people (Dusty, Lena with the local solar company, Roger at GCEA, and Peter, who will hopefully come save us from all this). I doubt you care, already being up to your eyeballs in my electrical complaints, but it’s all I’ve got for today. […]

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