Sartorial Splendor

Once again, a mere 446 days before the general election, we are in the midst of candidate debates for every Democrat on the planet, and once again I am not really paying attention. Except that Trevor Noah once again broadcast live after the debate, as he did the first time, and he couldn’t help but […]

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What About Bob?

Seventeen years ago, in an airless, windowless waiting room of the old University of Colorado medical center on Colorado Boulevard in Denver, I was standing next to my friend Bob’s mom when she picked up one of the weekly news magazines (Time or Newsweek), glanced scornfully at the cover and flung it down in disgust. […]

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Raveling the Knitted Sleeve

Fumes. I think I’m going to be functioning on them and not much else for the foreseeable future. Waking up around 1, after falling asleep somewhere between 9 and 10, may not be my best option, but I’ve been doing that a long time. Not going back to sleep until 5 or later — that’s […]

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As the French Turn

Today is the final stage of the Tour de France. If you’re announcer Bob Roll, who calls Durango (Colorado) home and was one of the first Americans to ride in the Tour, so you think he’d know better, you call it Tour “day” France, and make that “France” a tad nasally. This is a French […]

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The Well-Traveled Fridge

So we have these animals. You might have heard. Three, at last count. One of them of the canine persuasion, two of them feline, and all of them with their issues, just like the rest of us. One cat, Na Ki’o, came to us with diabetes and, as we discovered not long after his arrival, […]

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The Universe Aligns

All right, it’s too soon to start celebrating, but the early portents are looking better than I expected. Check this out: Yes, that’s Lynn surrounded by her kitchen cabinets, which arrived a week before expected. Over to the right the boom box will be replaced by a refrigerator (not the one that’s been bouncing around […]

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Lights in My Life

See if you can spot the theme here: I didn’t get yesterday’s post finished in the morning because I had to be at work on time to meet with two women. I was going to finish it at lunch but Lynn had a Dusty conversation to impart. So then I thought I would finish it […]

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Stucko in Limbo

Is it the third week of June already? Cynicism is setting in at the Schumann-Livermore household(s), to the point that when stucco work commenced on the Some Day House yesterday, at long last, Lynn and I both made the assumption that it’s a token appearance, designed to appease us. “Oh, look, they’ve started,” like that […]

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Day of Rest

In these 21-day Grand Tour bicycle races, organizers plant two, sometimes three, “rest days,” where they call a halt to racing for a day. I’m not sure why they call it “rest,” because the cyclists all still go out and ride a hundred kilometers or more, and mostly what it seems to do is let […]

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Space Food for Thought

Fifty years ago today, Neil Armstrong took that one small step that was a “giant leap for mankind,” and while I was around for this, I don’t remember it at all. I was just shy of 7, old enough to be retaining memories, and my parents were big into their current events, so I’m sure […]

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