Adventures on Highway 92

Those of you who know me well understand that I am filled with derring-do, a sense of adventure that constantly needs to be slaked — wait, am I thinking of someone else? I have been talking, I’m sure it feels endlessly, about roadways these last few days, although in my defense this is bound to […]

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Lonely Is

All roads lead to Rome, I’ve heard it said, but here in Gunnison there’s really only one good way in and out of town. Technically, it’s two ways, but both are on the same highway, U.S. 50. I am just now learning, along with you, that this is the “Loneliest Road” in the United States, […]

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A few years back, down in the Durango area (Colorado, not Mexico), a couple of men — from Texas, of course — took their Jeep where they shouldn’t have, and ended up becoming news fodder for a week. And while I say “of course” they were from Texas, I think everyone in Colorado was just […]

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Governing From the Hip

Our governor, here in Colorado. I voted for him; I don’t know if I’ll be doing that again. I suppose I probably will, but this time around it will likely be a vote against his eventual opponent rather than a vote for him. So far I am going to rate his pandemic response as: tepid. […]

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Reading the Paper

I know; I have vanished for an unconscionable amount of time. I didn’t mean to, and I have multiple topics to cover, but every morning for the last four I have decided all those could wait. I have to confess, I kind of got stuck on last week’s local paper, which came out Thursday. I […]

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As He Lay Dying

My uncle, in faraway Nebraska, is in hospice. This is my mother’s brother, the person everyone has compared me to back as far as I can remember: You’re so much like your Uncle Jerry. You remind me of Jerry. You and your uncle are so alike. That connection has been more or less lost these […]

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