Sort Of There

Sorry for the radio silence — I’ve been very focused (I’m practically sure there must be a pun in there) on my photo project, and it’s cut into my blogging time. Here’s how my cleaning/sorting projects have gone, for a lifetime: I start with great intent and fervor, then my attention gets claimed by something […]

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Picture This

It is one thing to know that I will never be a professional athlete, or even a competent amateur one. Or a cook, or a singer, or even that I’m ever going to manage to be much of a carpenter. But when it comes to basic competencies, it’s discouraging to learn what a failure I […]

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Going Green

It’s Earth Day, so I’m going to encourage us all to not just think but also act green, but I have a different sort of green I’m aiming for as well. If Gunnison County can completely vaccinate 10,000 folks with a county address, we will move to “green” on our Coronameter. We at Pat’s are […]

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Aches and Pains

There was an older gentleman here in town whom I first encountered at the chiropractor’s office and later saw at some of the ballroom dances at the Elks’ lodge. He always came alone, and while younger women would avail themselves for a waltz or two, he would often end up sitting by himself. I tried, […]

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The Wind and the Deer

I am learning, sort of, as I go through Life who I can and can’t argue with. I’m not learning this lesson well or quickly, but days out here at Riverwalk are often more instructive than I expect. For instance, you just can’t argue with the wind. You can try, but it’s rather like spitting […]

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There is a hole in the ground, out here at Riverwalk. Well, I’m sure there are lots of holes, but this one seems notable despite its small size. It’s in the middle of Riverwalk Drive. Were it located any other place, I would assume it’s the entrance to some woodland creature’s home — it’s that […]

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The Hotchkiss of Death

My biggest adventure on Colorado Highway 92, the road I haven’t been on for decades but now may get to know all over again over the course of the next two years, came during a bicycle race. This was back in my sportswriting days, despite a dearth of sports experience prior to taking it up […]

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Corona InAction

I know you have been breathless with overnight anticipation to learn all about the bicycle race that nearly did me in on Highway 92, but always — always — there is covid, and it is foremost on my mind this morning. I watched our county’s virtual town hall last night, as I do every week, […]

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Adventures on Highway 92

Those of you who know me well understand that I am filled with derring-do, a sense of adventure that constantly needs to be slaked — wait, am I thinking of someone else? I have been talking, I’m sure it feels endlessly, about roadways these last few days, although in my defense this is bound to […]

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Lonely Is

All roads lead to Rome, I’ve heard it said, but here in Gunnison there’s really only one good way in and out of town. Technically, it’s two ways, but both are on the same highway, U.S. 50. I am just now learning, along with you, that this is the “Loneliest Road” in the United States, […]

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