The High Cost of Ownership

As a party platform, “owning the libs” doesn’t seem to carry long-term sustainability, but it certainly costs a lot. Up until, say, about six years ago, I assumed that most Republicans, like most Democrats and the unaffiliated mass perhaps in between, were rational people. Ideologically we didn’t see eye to eye, and while I just […]

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Main Street Melancholy

Yesterday was a mournful day for me, and while I’m sure you are tired of hearing of my melancholia, this is what I have. In the absence of Oz and our walk before or to work I have been parking my car in front of my very indulgent friend Karen’s house in my old ‘hood […]

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How’s Your Aspen?

We are on Consecutive Gray Day #3 here in Gunnison, and the dreariest part of this report is that we once again have almost no moisture to show for it. I’m pretty sure it’s not just me, but I for one am heartily sick of Mother Nature promising so much and delivering so little this […]

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