Ah, Cliffhangers

Lynn and I watched the end of a movie the other night that really wasn’t an end, and even though I didn’t see any of the rest of the movie I find myself rather stuck on the ending. The TV came up where it had left off: on Turner Classic Movies. “Classic” has now extended […]

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Ice Ice Baby

As I understand it, “owning the libs” means saying, or better yet, doing something that infuriates members of the Democratic party and their ilk. Yesterday — yes, only yesterday — it occurred to me that while the phrase doesn’t seem to exist in ordinary lexicon, “owning the cons” is every bit as viable. And easy […]

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Corona Pays a Visit

Three-quarters of the way into this post yesterday, WordPress once again ate my homework. I’m getting smarter: I took screen shots, so I only had to re-type, not re-create. See that? I can learn things in my old age. Three years into, and perhaps out of, a pandemic, Corona finally paid a visit to our […]

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Snow Way

Per usual, our snow forecast for Tuesday-Wednesday was wrong. Per unusual, we got more snow than called for — more than double, in fact. We had a gen-u-wine December snowstorm Tuesday night. I took my trusty tape measure out to the hood of my truck and then to the deck, and in both places the […]

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An Unrelenting Cold

While the rest of the country has hunkered down from subzero temperatures and blowing snow, we here in the Nation’s Cold Spot — although local weather watcher Bruce Bartleson was at recent pains to show us how we are not, by any metric, the coldest spot, merely in the top 10 — enjoyed a balmy […]

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The Spirit of Christmas Upon Us

Last weekend it was the start of December, and now, one mere week later, it’s the middle. I don’t know how that happens, but I’m running out of shopping days, and prep days, and holidaze. Last weekend was Gunnison’s annual Night of Lights, the official kick-off to our festive season. People wander our blocked-off Main […]

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To Montrose and Back

I hope this works. WordPress was in another stupid mood, wouldn’t let me save, was trying to make this all one big paragraph, won’t let me write a caption for the photo — how it powers one-third of the internet and is this screwed up, I’ll never know. I really did not expect turning 60 […]

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Am I Blue?

As I write this, we here in Colorado’s Third Congressional District still don’t know who our congressional representative is going to be next year, making the unthinkable possible: Democrat Adam Frisch could beat Lauren Boebert. Since the ballot counting commenced publicly, after the polls closed at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Mr. Frisch has held a lead. […]

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On Account

When a pirate of yore went “on the account,” it meant he was hopping on a ship to sail off and plunder other people’s property. Sometimes it was hard to feel sorry for these other people, many of them Europeans extracting the fruits of non-European places off the backs off free non-European laborers. Nonetheless, when […]

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