Unmagical Numbers

You know me and math, so maybe it will not surprise you that I can’t make sense of unemployment these days. But I’m guessing I’m not alone. Yesterday the report for new unemployment filings came out, and another one million Americans filed, the 20th week in a row that at least that many people have […]

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This is not new ground, but here it is again: Marrakesh does not know what he wants out of life. In a true accounting of this morning, which could be any morning, here is Marrakesh in action: he went into the garage. He came back into the house. He went out the back door. He […]

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Voting Matters

Let’s talk about voting. There are three million reasons the sitting “president” should not be seated in the White House, but he was duly anointed by the Electoral College and so there he perches, as it grows more obvious by the day that he realizes how slippery this seat is. He spent about two years […]

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Time Warp

One of my friends heard this line somewhere, and it quickly became her favorite saying: “Is this Friday, or is it June?” She certainly didn’t have to explain the humor to me, but when you’re living it, it’s maybe not as funny as I ought to find it. I find myself doing that multiple times, […]

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The Cowboy Way

I am a cowboy in the sense that every graduate of Gunnison High School is: our mascot is a cowboy. He — it’s in the very name, “boy” — is apparently getting a facelift this fall: Gunnison will finally be done helping itself to an approximate version of University of Wyoming’s logo, a bold rider […]

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Whistling Away

Up until yesterday the notion of going back to school was an abstract concept to me. I know people all around the issue, but it wasn’t a decision I particularly need to make. I thought. As I’m reviewing my friends, I think the last of them have retired from the faculty at Western Not State. […]

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A Hash of It All

The Washington Post has a columnist this morning touting the great job Republican governors are doing handling their outbreaks of covid, and as proof he offers the death rates from “blue states” in April versus the current death rates from “red states” now. This is called cherry-picking information, and while all of us do this […]

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What It Is

Sometimes this swamp filling is so blatant that it gets overlooked as we discover, all over once again like this is something new, that the “president” is completely incapable of acting presidential. As CBS noted this morning, Democrats and Republicans are “2 trillion dollars away” from agreement on an aid package. Not some overseas aid; […]

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Turn up the Radio

As part of my never-ending process of unpacking, I opened a box over the weekend with the oddest assortment of random items. Since it probably got packed — thrown together appears to be a more apt description — 13 months ago or more, I imagine there are those who would argue I don’t need a […]

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