By Extension

My bio-rhythms must have been down yesterday (and perhaps still today). Life just wore me out, for no good reason at all. It started with a completely deflating phone call from the fireplace installer. His boss had finally called Monday (and had trouble reaching me because our phones at work were out once again — […]

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My dad had a colleague, Harold Parker. Maybe you don’t do this, but there are some people — not many, but some — who when I think of them, a one-word summation comes to mind. For instance, there is a man here in town who when I see him, although age has mellowed him, always […]

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Danger, Will Robinson!

My goal for the weekend was fairly unachievable, and I knew that before starting out, but it seemed laudable, so I set it: I wanted to be able to get both cars in the garage. Now it’s Monday, and both cars are still outside, my Leaf already complaining about cold temperatures. When I tote up […]

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Fat Cat

I’ve been looking at Na Ki’o this past week, thinking he seems pudgier. He came to us in an overweight condition — that’s where he got his name. He came with a horribly unsuitable name that Lynn and I both said NO to, but then we struggled with a replacement. We at last settled on […]

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Six Degrees, or Less

I missed you once again yesterday — or perhaps you missed me — because some days there are just not enough hours in the day. I even had a topic at hand, but I had to stab a cat (which is not the kitty carnage it suggests, but consists rather of injecting insulin) not mine, […]

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Are We Reaching?

Well, it’s here. We’ve been waiting and waiting . . . okay, no one has been waiting, not even the skiers I know. But it is snowing, first snow of the season, and one day after I was running around in a t-shirt. It’s worse in Denver, because they were at 80 yesterday and tomorrow […]

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He Shed, She Shed

I’m new to this Homeowners’ Association (HOA) thing. They feel fairly ubiquitous — even Tia, with a lot way out in Parlin, has an HOA — but it’s nothing I’ve had to deal with directly in all my years. It does turn out that the Palisades subdivision came with covenants, but no one knew that […]

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