Cats as Cats Can

I didn’t mean to go AWOL on everyone. In fact, I was halfway through an entry yesterday, one that will keep, when I paused to take a cat to a veterinarian in an encounter that just put me off for the rest of the day. Over a year ago, while waiting in a dermatologist’s outer […]

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Jeepin’ With Janelle

I believe we’ve established I generally don’t know what I doing, technologically at least, when it comes to this blog, particularly after WordPress thought it was a great idea to switch to “blocks,” whatever they may be. Some of you have been kind enough to post comments after you’ve read an entry, and while I […]

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Burned: The Steamed Vinegar Edition

Previously on Garbanzo Beans for Breakfast: Lynn used the internet to burn cheese. Meanwhile, plumbers are converging on the new house on Riverwalk Drive. There are many decisions to make when having a house built, and we may have been the project that broke our contractor. In the aftermath of our house he thought that […]

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Burned: The Cheese Edition

Somewhere in her shoulder surgery convalescence, Lynn was allowed near the internet, which is not always a good idea. Now, the only reason Lynn is in Gunnison at all is due exclusively to the internet, her having used it to find my website devoted to Stargate SG-1 and me having read her Stargate materials via […]

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Cowed by Vaccine

Lynn got the call, although it was probably a text: she goes today at precisely 3:54 for her initial covid vaccination. Gunnison County will administer more than 500 first doses today, bringing our county total to just under 6,700 injected arms, which at an estimate would be roughly 37 percent of the population. Except that […]

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Covid Tantrum

This is my first pandemic, outside those I’ve found in history books, and after thinking it over for the better part of a year, I have decided: I am just not enjoying it. I mean, I didn’t really need nearly a full year to mull this over, to conclude I’m not having much fun, but […]

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The State of Texas

Looking at the state of the State of Texas these days, it’s easy to ask “How could this get worse?” but we shouldn’t, because every day it does. An 11-year-old boy may have frozen to death yesterday — in his own home. Pictures of the water damage are overwhelming before we even start to consider […]

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Workers Untied

On my way to the blog this morning, I passed this headline: “Millions of jobs probably aren’t coming back, even after the pandemic.” I haven’t made it to the story yet, but I don’t really need to, because I’m living it. Not that I am unemployed, or on the verge of it, but yesterday was […]

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Food for the Ages

Once, many years ago, I’m pretty sure in an effort to shock a babysitter, I put blue food coloring in my peanut butter sandwich. It did look horrible, all right, and if I’m recalling this correctly the babysitter did find it suitably off-putting. But there’s a chance I might have found it that way, too, […]

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The Steps We Take

This is a story I’ve already told and may, in my dotage, tell yet again, but the trial taking place in the U.S. Senate has me harkening back to my high school days on the speech and debate team. My debate partner Erik and I were in our first round of three at one of […]

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