Even when I’m at work I’m not working, because I’m spending my days socializing. I believe I told you a short while back about how lots of people drop in unannounced at Pat’s Screen Printing.  The last two “work” days have been proof of that, in case you needed proof. On Friday evening, Sam (of […]

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Fever Pitch

While Lynn and I both decided we would much rather unpack than pack, it’s still a process that is consuming our weekends. And while I keep saying we have the rest of our lives to unpack, so far we’re going about it with the urgency of the same deadline we had for packing. Some of […]

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Copy That

I made a typo once. (Once, and never since.) The typo itself wasn’t so much, but trying to get me to see it became such a huge ordeal that it sticks in my mind to this day, and it is brought to mind this morning because while I haven’t read too many things so far […]

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No Beans About It

You’re not getting much of an entry today. I may have hit my wall from a very stressful week. I’m sure we’ll all laugh about it later, us going out the back door of our old house just as the new owners were moving in, but right now I’m decompressing — as much as one […]

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Some Day is Today

We are in, and so far we have all survived, although Marrakesh spent much of the night yowling mournfully. (He is currently quietly curled up right next to me.) We are still just shy of technically legal — Dusty has to convert the completed building permit into a certificate of occupancy, which he will do […]

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Government Work

Some Day I will take on a topic that isn’t about us moving. But not today. After spending most of yesterday in suspense — where will four of us sleep? — we got the answer we didn’t want: right where we’ve been. One Day More, to go all Les Miserables, which seems appropriate. Mid-afternoon, our […]

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A Moving Experience

I woke up this morning twisted into an ‘S’ with a cat on either side and a dog a few feet away in the bedroom doorway of a mostly empty house. Yes, you may surmise, we did not receive any inspection visits, so four out of five of us have not moved, although most of […]

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