Here’s a riddle for you (I don’t know the answer): What initially runs from a dog but then turns to fight, snarling all the while? Two nights ago Oz and I went out the front door around 11:30. He took about two steps, turned toward the northeast corner of the house, and took off at […]

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Acting Out

My acting career pretty much began and ended in junior high, and I can’t say as though I’m sad about that. But it does mean my credentials to talk about the craft of acting may be suspect. Oh well — a lack of credentials hasn’t stopped me yet. And there’s always Kenneth Tynan. I have […]

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I don’t know what I was planning to blither about to you today. I had a multitude of topics; possibly I was going to go with GCEA’s Electric Car Week, which I feel the need to take off from work to celebrate. But then I took a shower, and now I’m just about over electricity. […]

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Electro-cat II

  I sent today’s post out without the photo illustration, and I didn’t want you missing out. This is Kesh, licking the bubbles in the fountain. Behind him note the new trash can (from Target) which almost exactly matches Lynn’s kitchen wall. It takes real skill to come up with finds like that.

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Which do you suppose is worse, being awakened at 3 a.m. by a false fire alarm, or being awakened at 4 a.m. by a yowling cat demanding food? It seems like there is a clear answer here, but if I were still teaching and a student offered cogent arguments for either, I’d go with it. […]

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“Fast” Food

See if you find anything incongruous here: after eating our lunch at Sonic, Lynn and I went to the health food store. I would just like to say that our fast-food visits in Gunnison are incongruent with those we make in Montrose. [I looked up both words, and the definition of “incongruent,” according to Merriam-Webster, […]

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Down and Out

I have had non-stop trouble with WordPress on two computers in two locations today. And my bicycle race. God bless the internet, hm? I expect, when I read the national news, that it’s going to depress me, but yesterday it was the local paper with the news that just makes me feel powerless in the […]

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