Holidays Upon Us

Somehow it is December. I’m not sure how, or when this happened, but it must have been awhile ago, because we are at least six days into this final month of the year. And about 1,952 days into the holiday shopping season, if you care to follow commercials on TV, radio ads, newspaper flyers . […]

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Tapped In

Tia was a bad influence on me yesterday: instead of blogging I was socializing. I may have been a bad influence on her, too: she left several items behind when she went to work late. For a long period of my life, it seemed that most of the groups I belonged to consisted primarily of […]

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Board by the Rules

Our homeowners association (HOA) president, who at the moment is our closest (in proximity) neighbor is a very congenial man who volunteers much of his time at our local food pantry. He and his wife take personal responsibility for maintaining the subdivision entryway with its abundance of flowers and trees, and he keeps an eye […]

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This is a story of abject failure that may depress you during the glad tidings of the holidays. I know it depresses me, but I’m forging ahead anyway. My dad was a handy do-it-yourselfer from the word “go.” He maintained his own vehicles. He maintained other people’s vehicles. He repaired household items. He put a […]

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Citizen of Industry

Following a day of sloth that really wasn’t as slothful as intended, I woke up yesterday in a manic fit, composed a list for myself, and immediately set about tending to it. No time for blogging; no time for naps; no time to pause and read anything. Yesterday it was all about doing. And even […]

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At 5 this morning, when I awoke in horribly untimely fashion, and me with nowhere in particular to go today, I was busily composing today’s post in my head. It was getting away from me, too many directions with not enough discipline, as often happens (sometime even in the actual posts), and so, instead of […]

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Pilgrim Spuds

My job today is to mash the potatoes. We are having a very quiet Thanksgiving, the first in our new house, but there’s no point in having any Thanksgiving at all if there aren’t mashed potatoes. I’m pretty sure that’s what brought the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag together that first year, potatoes smushed down and […]

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