Crazy World

Once long ago, Julie Andrews starred in the movie Victor Victoria as an out-of-work chanteuse in 1930s Paris who is plucked from the street by a very flamboyant Robert Preston (who was so convincing that he selected a western for his next project, and said of his character in that, “Gay, he ain’t!”). He convinces […]

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To Your Health

With our newly-minted medical degrees, Kara and I yesterday diagnosed co-worker James with a sinus infection and suggested he go through the convoluted steps of making an appointment with a doctor who might have, somehow, better credentials. And prescribing power. His response: “I don’t have health insurance.” I try. I try and try and try. […]

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Paradigm, Spare a Dime

I failed you yesterday: not only did I dangle a participle in front of you, very first thing, but I somehow managed to forget to report the biggest story one could find on April 1 (no foolin’): there was a semi-truck that toppled over and caught fire on a highway near Dallas. Its cargo? Toilet […]

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No Foolin’

Never much of a fan of practical jokes, and rarely someone who can remember jokes, April 1 is not my idea of a great holiday. This year I imagine most of us are having trouble seeing the humor in the world’s most colossal prank of our lifetimes. There is one joke I sort of remember. […]

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Hitting a Wal

So far, my at-home time has not been productive. That was one of the points, to try to get my life sorted out and organized, a task that ought not to take any more than 20 years — 25, tops. But I did, late yesterday afternoon, open up the smallest box I could find, the […]

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This may surprise you, but I am having trouble with math. There I was, idly lying around, barely paying attention to the Denver news when I learned that Gunnison appears to be the epicenter of Colorado’s covid-19 outbreak. I found all the charts on the state’s virus page, which shows that yes indeed, if you […]

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Walking with Sadie

I like to think I can charm any dog out there, just as these dogs all charm me. This is an illusive, possibly delusional, thought, but it works out often enough with dogs’ winsome ways and my secret technique that I think it’s true even when it isn’t. So when Julia said  Sadie hadn’t really […]

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