Stucko in Limbo

Is it the third week of June already?   Cynicism is setting in at the Schumann-Livermore household(s), to the point that when stucco work commenced on the Some Day House yesterday, at long last, Lynn and I both made the assumption that it’s a token appearance, designed to appease us. “Oh, look, they’ve started,” like […]

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Day of Rest

In these 21-day Grand Tour bicycle races, organizers plant two, sometimes three, “rest days,” where they call a halt to racing for a day. I’m not sure why they call it “rest,” because the cyclists all still go out and ride a hundred kilometers or more, and mostly what it seems to do is let […]

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Space Food for Thought

Fifty years ago today, Neil Armstrong took that one small step that was a “giant leap for mankind,” and while I was around for this, I don’t remember it at all. I was just shy of 7, old enough to be retaining memories, and my parents were big into their current events, so I’m sure […]

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Feeling the Heat

If you’re a human being somewhere on Planet Earth, chances are it’s been hot where you live, so I doubt I’m getting much sympathy when I complain about the temperature here in Gunnison. But gosh darn has it been hot. As I mentioned the other day, most of us who live here are cold-weather people. […]

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Thousands of Words

A house update, mostly in pictures: Oz inspects the new deck. At left is the new door hardware, round on this and the garage door for bear-proofing, levers everywhere else. Note the box of rocks in the background. Work on that and the stucco is scheduled to commence the third week in June. The Monday […]

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South to Toulouse

Today’s stage of Le Tour de France, the midpoint of this 21-day race, is heading south to Toulouse, which I just learned in my bicycle chat room is the resting place of St. Thomas Aquinas. And Albi, where the race began today, is the birthplace of Henri Marie Raymonde de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa (the name that never […]

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The Internet Goes to Pot

Our internet went out at work yesterday afternoon. Again. It’s astounding, really, how completely dependent we all have become on the internet’s ability to function. Its not the internet itself so much as the companies that supply it, and the local company we use goes down with a depressing regularity. Kara complained to a friend […]

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