Which Comes First?

Everyone (I presume) is familiar with the phrase that’s less argument and more cliché about the chicken and the egg, although you really could have a deep philosophical discussion about which preceded whom. Well, Lynn and I don’t have to discuss; we’re starting to live it. After another weekend of not packing nearly as much […]

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Vive La France

It’s a beautiful, sunshiney day in France, with a Frenchman leading Le Tour (biggest bicycle race in the world) . . .. it could be a day to celebrate. (Here in the United States, it is Lynn’s birthday, so we will celebrate along with the French, but probably for completely different reasons.) My research today […]

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Cattlemen’s Days: Let’s Rodeo

I have this friend named Mark. Well, I have several friends named Mark, but this particular Mark is frequently responsible for changes in my direction, often after he volunteers me for things. He was responsible for my short-term adjunct teaching career, and also my stint as “faculty advisor” for the then-college’s rodeo club. And he […]

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Cattlemen’s Days: the 4-H Years

It seems like every town has some sort of festival to celebrate its heritage, and Gunnison is no exception. We have Cattlemen’s Days, and some years back I could tell you it always took place on “the third full weekend of July.”   It’s actually more than a week of activities, starting with horse shows […]

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We Have a Plan

Today is July 11, which is good news for you if you are near a 7-11 store. Free Slurpee! If you go from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Get it?) I’ve never had a Slurpee, so I don’t know what I’ll be missing out on, but around here it’s just Trash Day. Our trash service […]

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T Minus 25 (Maybe)

Massive technical difficulties: the internet was broken for more than two hours at home; Microsoft Word was uncooperative on one computer at work; and have you ever noticed how slow computers move when you need them to be fast? Here you go — it’s hardly worth the wait. I think, before we believe anything I’m […]

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Animal Kingdom

Last week Oz and I went to his overdue annual check-up, and yesterday Marrakesh and I went to his overdue every-other-year check-up. (Na Ki’o, who goes to a different clinic, went to his check-up, on-time, earlier this year.) We received endless notices about Oz’s need for a check-up, but it wasn’t until I asked after […]

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