Weather Blues

Well, so much for snowing all day. All of three days, in fact. I really don’t understand how the weather services, every last one of them, can be generally so accurate with their temperature predictions and so very far off on snow amounts. As late as Sunday we here in Gunnison were told to expect […]

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Book Report

It turns out, on Day Three of my screed against censorship, that I did not address the county’s public library board as planned Thursday afternoon. I would have, but just as I crammed myself against the stacks on the east side of the building they announced that the forms to speak were located with a […]

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Well, that didn’t take long. I put out my first post in months, or so, and the universe put out its demand mere hours later: there’s a board meeting for our county library today, and word on the street is that a woman will be present to demand that a book be removed from the […]

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Burning Man

I know; it seems like I’m never going to blog again, doesn’t it? I did not realize I had been so lax, not even opening WordPress at all this week, figuring I still had several days to get my apparently now weekly report in, only to find out I’m as overdue as those bad books […]

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So I’ve been thinking about money. Not how to get more, although that thought probably crosses my mind from time to time, but the very concept of money itself. In my younger days, I received coin of the realm: allowance; gifts; lawn, pet and newspaper delivery jobs; visits from the tooth fairy — although now […]

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Confounded New World

Once upon a time, back when the world made a little more sense to me, I signed the shop up for an online back-up service called Carbonite. It seemed like a reasonable precaution. Less than two months later, our graphic designer of the time, Rachelle, was having trouble with her computer and she ended up […]

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Mea, Sort Of

Three things have happened this young year, probably not in the order they should have, but nonetheless I have become obsessed, and it’s interfering with my blogging, big time. I can’t tell you why, because I set no resolution, nor resolve, nor anything else, but the first Saturday of January I opened an unsorted drawer […]

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Talkin’ Trash

Perhaps this does not strike you as absurd, but it kind of does me: I have been driving my trash around the county, even getting up early to do so, and paying big bucks to dispose of it. Let’s just note that I am not very good at throwing things away. As a child of […]

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Quantum. Say it long enough and it starts to sound like a Patuxet name, and it actually kind of is, because the man we call Squanto called himself Tisquantum, so there it is, right there in his name, as he made that foolhardy mistake of being friendly to the Pilgrims, which, I only just learned […]

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