Power Us Interruptus

Our electricity went out last night. Again. I know; you’re tired of hearing about this. You were over it months ago. It is time to find something new to talk about it. Trust me; I know. In the grand scheme of electricity, it should have been a non-event. But for a couple of clocks, it […]

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A Tail of New Neighbors

Another day, another visit to the vet. That’s why you missed me yesterday, or I missed you, or however that works: Marrakesh and I were taking advantage of an open “urgent care” appointment with his veterinarian. The lump I’d been feeling on his tail, when he’d let me touch it, was seeming more and more […]

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Fun With Words: OO

In the movie Educating Rita, Julie Walters tells Michael Caine that assonance means “getting the rhyme wrong.” The example he gives her to provoke this response is the poet Yeats, who pronounced his name all wrong [Yates — same letters, better organization], who rhymes “swan” with “stone.” I thought about this after last night’s episode […]

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I Want to Ride My Bicycle

This is what I told the owner of my bike shop a couple months back: I’m no longer a bicyclist who sometimes drives a car; I’m now a motorist who sometimes rides a bike. Hands-down, the hardest part of moving to this house for me has been the alteration of my modes of transportation. Most […]

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More Power

So I’m on electricity again. Still. It’s a constant. (And right as I type this, two men from GCEA have arrived to put a “quality monitor” on our line.) Today’s wonderment comes after all I wanted to do was see how much electricity my new Level 2 charger (really Electric Vehicle Service Equipment) was pulling. […]

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Nailed It

Often on Saturdays, I don’t feel like I get much done, no matter how much I move around and knock tasks off my list. But yesterday felt extremely productive, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I made something with my own two hands. In addition to the usual laundry and the purchasing of milk and […]

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