Spinning Wheels

I am trying to do too many things this morning, and getting pretty much nowhere with any of it — and it’s all depressing me. And I’ve barely made it out of bed — what does this portend for the rest of the day? Maybe the Boomtown Rats were right when they sang “I Don’t […]

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Road Trip

Having my sister closer to hand may be more work than I was expecting. Tia, you may recall, has taken a job as the business manager for the Gunnison school district, but her family is not moving to Gunnison until after her son graduates high school, just about a year from now. So she is […]

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Outside In

Today is Marrakesh’s foundling day, and the sun has decided to, at long last, celebrate with us. (We so rarely know our pets’ actual birthdays that we instead celebrate the days they arrived to live with us.) It is also graduation day at Western No Longer State, so I imagine several hundred graduates, faculty, family […]

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Keep on Truckin’

So I decided, a few months ago, that I needed a truck back in my life, but I wasn’t doing a whole lot about it. There were plenty of other decisions to occupy my mind, and plenty of other purchases to occupy my wallet. Then I went reading the Gunnison Country Shopper, looking for something […]

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Back Among the Dinosaurs

Fresh on the heels of the highly disturbing United Nations report that humans are predicted to cause the extinction of one million species, plant and animal, in the not-so-distant future that could possibly bring about our own demise, I have a confession that doesn’t help the cause: I bought a truck. Yes, I am once […]

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As I go through my days, numerous blog topics often spring to mind, and sometimes I even remember to write them down. (I finally remembered what I couldn’t the other day, when I was once again lamenting the weather — I was going to note that Microsoft was taunting me by flinging beach pictures up […]

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Gilly to the Rescue

Let me just say, everyone should have a Gilly in their life. She certainly smoothed out an otherwise rough day for me yesterday. Gilly is one of my co-workers (I’ve mentioned her before), and she’s one of those people who radiates such pleasantness that she’s always a joy to be around. It never feels quite […]

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