It’s Not About the Bike

After two and a half months of near-solid bike racing, the delayed grand tour season has come to an end, which perhaps ought to be sad, but feels rather like a relief. It’s a lot of hours taken up by spectating, and while I enjoy it, two-plus months consecutively is too much of a good […]

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Neighborly Change

We have new neighbors who may be waking up this morning to the first real snowstorm of their lives. On yet another Social Saturday, I met new neighbors, soon-to-be-neighbors, and two sets of established neighbors. As well as waved to Kiley, the realtor who sells most of the lots out here, on her way to […]

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For My Dear Birds

I woke up around 2 a.m., for no particular reason, and then found myself unable to go back to sleep as my brain kicked into gear. You know what was keeping me awake? No, not Election Lifetime; not covid; not the latest financial report from my business; not even the decisions that occupy my waking […]

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Voices Carry

Poor Alaska. In the middle of the longest day ever in the history of the entire world, where final counts are expected today this evening overnight — oh wait, here’s another 200,000 ballots, eyes are riveted on the five states with significant ballots left to count. Except that there are really six states. Alaska, like […]

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Voice of the People (Extended Play)

Here is the great news: of the 12,448 registered voters in Gunnison County, more than 11,000 cast votes in the 2020 general election. Almost 89 percent turn-out! Statewide, 82 percent of eligible electors voted, and nationwide, the turnout percentage appears to have been larger than any in the last 120 years, somewhere in the high […]

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Election Day Through My Ages

The first election season I have any memory of must have been in 1968, when I was 6 years old. That was back when I thought that “running” for president was literal, a footrace across the world and the first one back to America won. Maybe this wouldn’t really be any worse a way to […]

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The Lesson Of Stacey Abrams

Sometimes columnists like to write about the United States the way we frequently refer the “third world” (much of which is doing better at confronting Corona than the “first world.”) Provincial words rarely used for Americans, like “villager,” crop up in these columns, as do references to despots and corruption. Sometimes, when you use the […]

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Falling Back

In the days of yore, this was my favorite day of the year, the day where I gained an extra hour of sleep. That was back in the days when sleep was a precious commodity, not just the way I spend about half my life, so now I don’t care and am firmly in the […]

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Counting Covid

There’s a lot of talk about “bubbles” these days, often in reference to covid, but it turns out I was living in a little bubble all my own, completely unaware. As a general way-of-life statement, my bubble isn’t huge, really, although it’s substantially larger than it seems once you stop to consider the multipliers. It […]

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