Plugging Along

While Lynn has been lumping boxes — she and one co-worker sorted 1,400 packages Saturday morning — I have been hard at work myself, watching videos. Now, this is not the standard video-watching that takes place at Pat’s, where some large percentage of the workforce just assumes that part of their job description includes propping […]

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Going Postal

When we talk about waiting, no discussion would be complete without mention of the United States Postal Service, which at least around here seems single-handedly determined to teach people patience whether they want to learn it or not. The Postal Service is a giant amorphous agency that seems to be perpetually a point of controversy. […]

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Where the Real Fraud Grows

To go back to the subject of waiting, as if I were anywhere near done with the topic yesterday, one of the things I’m waiting on — futilely, I’m afraid — is for sanity to be restored among 30-ish percent of the American voting public. Or at least among the politicians these folks vote for. […]

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Always A Day Away

I feel like life consists of a whole lot of waiting these days. That’s probably true in general for lots of people, with future dates and appointments set, but these days I’m having a horrible time living in the moment. So I wait and wait and wait, and it’s not good waiting, like for Santa […]

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Roughing It

I was going to tell you Lynn had abandoned us, but because I am a slacker I didn’t get around to it in time, thus taking all the drama out of my melodrama and leaving me with the mellow: Lynn did abandon us, but she came back, because her camping trip was only for one […]

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