Where Seldom Is Heard

On Monday, the weather prognosticators got it wrong once again, but this time in a good way: the 15 percent chance of rain they offered as their tiny token of hope became 100 percent afternoon rain showers. Our mail carrier here at Riverwalk told Lynn it rained so hard while she was here that she […]

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Blog of Days

Every day is the day I’m sure I’m going to finish the latest blog post I’ve started, and every day that just doesn’t happen. It is the second half of June, so I’m trying to cut myself some slack, but I find these days (these years) that I reflect back to the time in my […]

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Bear Necessities

It started with a miscommunication, which is the polite way of saying it was all Lynn’s fault. Since she didn’t have to be at work on Memorial Day until 10 a.m. (a luxuriously late hour for her; an impossible time for me to start my day), she decided to go on a morning walk. I […]

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Where the Wild Things Are

I don’t know how many robins hang around our yard; it could be just one very busy bird, or perhaps it’s entire swarms that put in their appearance one bird at a time. Either way, a robin is a bird I recognize easily — a plus for my nascent bird-watching hobby. As hobbies go, it […]

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