To Montrose and Back

I hope this works. WordPress was in another stupid mood, wouldn’t let me save, was trying to make this all one big paragraph, won’t let me write a caption for the photo — how it powers one-third of the internet and is this screwed up, I’ll never know. I really did not expect turning 60 […]

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Am I Blue?

As I write this, we here in Colorado’s Third Congressional District still don’t know who our congressional representative is going to be next year, making the unthinkable possible: Democrat Adam Frisch could beat Lauren Boebert. Since the ballot counting commenced publicly, after the polls closed at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Mr. Frisch has held a lead. […]

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On Account

When a pirate of yore went “on the account,” it meant he was hopping on a ship to sail off and plunder other people’s property. Sometimes it was hard to feel sorry for these other people, many of them Europeans extracting the fruits of non-European places off the backs off free non-European laborers. Nonetheless, when […]

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