All Booked Up

Well, Lynn has abandoned us once again, although by the time you read this she could have returned — just hopefully not too soon. This was the big week of Lynn’s camping trip that wasn’t, and while she remains a bit chagrined that she backed off her plans to sleep on the ground in a […]

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Azimuth Orange light leads to symme- try again when silver brooks begin to burble yellow then can mimi- cry as graying filters pink through growing herbal Pricking of a green thumb black now has been pilfered and away brown hirples so blue and red become purple I wrote this poem, which is in some form […]

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The Dark Side of Football

I started this entry 11 months ago, at the end of the middle school football season. I ran to 1,300 words and was still plunking along when I set it aside, and now that we’re at another football season, here it is, relevant again. I don’t know most of the kids at Gunnison Middle School. […]

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