Six Little Words

So I was reading Firefox-suggested articles again, and this time it was about words that make the user sound weak. If we are going to believe this article, which I found to be somewhat suspect, my blog is one long series of weaknesses. As a student and teacher of writing, I have long been aware […]

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Worth the Wait?

It’s here it’s here it’s here! Imagine! Just five short months after it was paid for, the over-the-stove microwave is in place and operable. Which ought to be exciting, but frankly it’s so anti-climatic that it was hardly worth the wait. The problems are more noticeable than the pluses. The first thing I noticed is […]

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Nooks and Crannies

I didn’t really think we built any nooks or crannies into our new house, but it seems as though there’s at least one, because every evening we lose Marrakesh. Aided by numerous fox sightings, we have managed to hold firm to our resolve that he not go out once twilight arrives. This does not make […]

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Just Nuts

It was an absolutely beautiful fall weekend on Saturday and Sunday, skies blue, temperatures pleasant in the high 50s — and I was irritable all weekend. Like a lazy woodland creature, I did not have all my nuts squirreled away in the tree, and time was a-wasting. Snow was in the forecast, so this was […]

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Listen Up

If you use Firefox, as I do, for your browser (and somehow I’m using Duck Duck Go within that framework — I cannot explain the internet to you), then you know that every time you open a new tab, you are presented with an infinite number of reading options.   Some of these options take […]

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To Afford or Not to Afford

The only thing people like less than sprawl is density. –George Sibley A man named Robb owns the embroidery shop a couple doors down from us at work. We send our embroidery customers to him; he sends screen printing to us. He uses our shop as a “short cut” to his truck; we use his […]

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  Last night on my way home my new $80 bike light crapped out just about at the midpoint of my ride, right as it was starting to get really dark. I’m going to assume/hope it’s the battery(ies — probably 10 of them, as heavy as it is on my helmet), but it’s still annoying, […]

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