Counting Covid

There’s a lot of talk about “bubbles” these days, often in reference to covid, but it turns out I was living in a little bubble all my own, completely unaware. As a general way-of-life statement, my bubble isn’t huge, really, although it’s substantially larger than it seems once you stop to consider the multipliers. It […]

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The Perilous World of Finance

There is yet another bike race taking place; we’re in the second week of the tour of Spain (La Vuelta a Espana, and here I would use a tilde but under New WordPress I don’t know how to do that). But I am not watching it, particularly. It is starting to feeling a bit of […]

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Windows of Inopportunity

You will be glad to know — or maybe it’s just me — that it wasn’t just me: our one-year-old windows are dysfunctional. Which does not make me glad. About a month ago, as the weather started cooling down, I started closing our year-old slider windows, intending to lock them down for the winter. Problem: […]

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Winter of Discontent

The other day, for the first time in my 58 years, I looked at a denuded tree and thought, “It’s going to look like that for months.” The thought depressed me, which was another first — I’ve never minded winter before. To be perfectly correct, I did kind of mind one winter in my youth. […]

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Maskless Wonders

A public health board met recently in Idaho to hear from a public health epidemiologist that the hospital in Coeur d’Alene is essentially overrun with covid patients. Room capacities have been doubled; new beds have been purchased, and everything is full as staff is short-handed and the doctors are worn out. Additional doctors testified about […]

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A Crappy Philosophy

When you watch a lot of SpongeBob, you also find yourself watching a lot of commercials aimed at kids, and it has irritated me for decades just how gender segregated the commercials are. Commercials for “boy” things show humans who are do-ers: action-oriented, things to build, take apart, throw, catch, very hands-on. The girl commercials […]

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Rejected, Dejected

Bike races often start with a “neutral zone” — yes, just like the Federation and Romulans in Star Trek — a few kilometers where the peloton rolls out gradually, sort of a parade through the starting town. It’s a neutral place where nothing of note generally happens. Except in this year’s Giro d’Italia, when in […]

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My Beef: It’s What’s For Dinner

Right on the heels of my screed against billionaire tax cheats (and wanna-be billionaires who are politicians who also cheat the country they claim to serve out of tax dollars), I figuratively picked up my Washington Post, only to read this headline: “Federal judge strikes down plan to slash food stamps for 700,000 unemployed Americans.” […]

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In Excess

Let’s start with the concept of $1 billion. As my friend Matt likes to note, it’s 1,000 stacks of 1 million. One million doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to: within the city limits of Gunnison you could buy two five-bedroom houses and put two mid-grade pick-ups in the driveway. In Crested […]

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