Company at the Company

My work schedule, such as it is, was even more fluid than usual yesterday, so I can’t tell you what time it was that I finally rolled into the shop, other than that it was — fortuitously — about 30 seconds before Scott and Jenny Parsons came through the door. When out-of-town visitors are looking […]

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This Old House

Warning: self-imposed word limit exceeded, exceedingly. A couple weeks ago, in a text, my sister Tia asked me how I felt about our house sale, noting that it could be sad leaving a place I’ve been at so long, and wanting to know if I was okay with the buyers. I told her my answer […]

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Trouble by the Numbers

It’s not just me who has trouble with numbers, as I learned yesterday. Oh, I already knew it was never just me, but let’s say it was brought to the fore again yesterday. Earlier this week, as I noted in a post, Dusty had called me to see which room at the Some Day Ranch […]

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Waging War

I’m sitting here, under a cat, with my feet propped up in some rather wan sunlight, wishing it was warmer, even as I wonder what I’m wishing for. Chris Spears, meteorologist at CBS 4 Denver, has promised a 90-degree day in Denver. Yesterday may have been Denver’s first 90-degree-day of the year, and apparently this […]

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A Place of Aging

On Monday, thinking it was the 25th, I started to tell you all about George Armstrong Custer’s last day on Earth. Then I was going to postpone it to the real 25th, but that didn’t happen. So I was going to go with it today, but reviewing the actions of an egomaniac who manufactured his […]

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Electing to Participate

Perhaps you missed me yesterday; perhaps you heaved a sigh of relief to not be bothered by me; perhaps you didn’t even notice that I wasn’t in your inbox (if you’re following along at home), but I wasn’t here yesterday. I was going to be; I was busy writing, writing away, but at some point […]

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If I thought I could not get through a day without plastic, I overlooked an even bigger necessity of modern Life in America: electricity. Yes, this stuff we like to think Ben Franklin invented, or at least discovered, is ubiquitous to my existence, as it probably is yours, assuming you’re reading this blog, the composition […]

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