Company at the Company

My work schedule, such as it is, was even more fluid than usual yesterday, so I can’t tell you what time it was that I finally rolled into the shop, other than that it was — fortuitously — about 30 seconds before Scott and Jenny Parsons came through the door. When out-of-town visitors are looking […]

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This Old House

Warning: self-imposed word limit exceeded, exceedingly. A couple weeks ago, in a text, my sister Tia asked me how I felt about our house sale, noting that it could be sad leaving a place I’ve been at so long, and wanting to know if I was okay with the buyers. I told her my answer […]

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Trouble by the Numbers

It’s not just me who has trouble with numbers, as I learned yesterday. Oh, I already knew it was never just me, but let’s say it was brought to the fore again yesterday. Earlier this week, as I noted in a post, Dusty had called me to see which room at the Some Day Ranch […]

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Waging War

I’m sitting here, under a cat, with my feet propped up in some rather wan sunlight, wishing it was warmer, even as I wonder what I’m wishing for. Chris Spears, meteorologist at CBS 4 Denver, has promised a 90-degree day in Denver. Yesterday may have been Denver’s first 90-degree-day of the year, and apparently this […]

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A Place of Aging

On Monday, thinking it was the 25th, I started to tell you all about George Armstrong Custer’s last day on Earth. Then I was going to postpone it to the real 25th, but that didn’t happen. So I was going to go with it today, but reviewing the actions of an egomaniac who manufactured his […]

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Electing to Participate

Perhaps you missed me yesterday; perhaps you heaved a sigh of relief to not be bothered by me; perhaps you didn’t even notice that I wasn’t in your inbox (if you’re following along at home), but I wasn’t here yesterday. I was going to be; I was busy writing, writing away, but at some point […]

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If I thought I could not get through a day without plastic, I overlooked an even bigger necessity of modern Life in America: electricity. Yes, this stuff we like to think Ben Franklin invented, or at least discovered, is ubiquitous to my existence, as it probably is yours, assuming you’re reading this blog, the composition […]

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A Charlie Brown Week

Yesterday was the First Day of Summer, according to the most authentic source there is, Mother Earth, who hit her farthest tilt on her axis and is now pointing back down the other way. (Sorry, John and all the rest of you who lament the shortening of your days.) So of course today’s forecast here […]

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Who Cares About Health?

At the national level, health care often functions, or really doesn’t, in theoretical policy. Many in the crowded Democratic presidential field are touting Medicare for all; the president keeps defying his advisers, who just want him to ignore the topic, by raising the specter of repeal with no plan for replace; congress seems happy to […]

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Have Meter, Will Travel

Lynn and I have decided we could be our own road show, only I’m not sure how high the entertainment quotient goes. Lately, it seems, the show we take on the road is our expertise with diabetic cats. Maybe it says something about me, but I have had four cats with diabetes over the decades, […]

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