If my car window is stuck in the halfway position, and I think it’s half open and you think it’s half closed, which one of us is the pessimist? Actually, it doesn’t matter any more, because Randy fixed it for me on Friday. Now, this was after two rainstorms last week, both of which I […]

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I wrote 1,400 words on the topic of reunions yesterday morning and was just getting warmed up when I realized several things: it was already 10 a.m., my theoretical start time for work; I was over my word limit and still hadn’t made my point, whatever that might have been; and it’s very difficult to […]

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Over It

Yesterday’s plans got derailed early when Omar texted — because no self-respecting teenager knows what the phone portion of his phone is for — Kara to say he couldn’t come to work because his throat was closed and he had a fever. Kara immediately suggested he get a covid test; with less faith in teenagers, […]

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Feeling the Heat

Some day in June, I walked into my bank, sweat trailing in my wake, only to encounter Heather, a teller, in her winter coat. Her work station is right under the opening for the air conditioning, and it blasts down on her all day, so she freezes while the rest of us swelter. The bank […]

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The Least Among Us

It is with a profound sense of relief that I report to you all that I have been excused from jury duty by dint of cancellation of the trial that was scheduled for next Monday. I maybe wasn’t supposed to do this, but I looked at the court docket last week and know the defendant […]

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Loose Threads

Okay, it is not for lack of trying, although you do not know that. You only see an empty space in your inbox where my blog belongs, and you assume, knowing me, that I am slacking. And so I am, but I am also struggling, and instead of trying to pretend everything is fine I […]

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