Just A Me Day

Ozzyx March 21, 2010-March 25, 2022 May you find an abundance of foxes to chase and never catch, a bounty of cat-food cans to clean, and frozen cream puffs for every dessert. Saturdays are an “Oz and me” day: Lynn goes to work and we don’t have to, so it’s just Oz and me, going […]

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Five Stages of Ozzyx

As you likely know, Oz has been bouncing back and forth, healthwise, for a few weeks now. Well, today he took a bad bounce, one there’s no real recovery from. It turns out, in addition to his digestive issues, his bladder stones and his arthritis, that he has had some 50-cent word or two that […]

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Seeking the Charm

The coffee shop down the street, in addition to its outdoor “patio” seating and bike rack (they also sell bicycles and effect repairs), further impedes the sidewalk with one of those A-frame signs that features little bits of humor that are frequently quite funny, although I of course can’t ever remember any of them. Since […]

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Western Sonata

First things first: Since my last post, Oz bounced back to a better place, then bounced un-back (I would use the opposite of “back,” but that’s “forward,” and that isn’t where he went at all), and is now seeming better once again. He’s still not eating much in the way of dry food, but he […]

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Walkin’ With Oz

When winter comes, even as meager as ours has been — that last day it called for three or so inches of snow? We got the same tiny skiff as the following day, when it wasn’t supposed to snow at all, but at least Crested Butte got about 14 — we run into a rather […]

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