They Thought They’d Make a Park

My first of not-very-many activist poems got written in the 9-12 age range. I don’t remember if I used this as the title, but at least two of the lines were: “They thought they’d make a playground.” The “they” in this case, although I didn’t realize it at the time, was the City of Gunnison, […]

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Travels With TL: Crested Butte Anew

Last week, Lynn called public health to see if she is among those for whom booster — although she has subsequently learned she is supposed to say “third shot” instead — shots are being recommended. Listening to only her side of the conversation with a nurse, the advice sounded rather circular, but the nurse must […]

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Testing, Testing

Yesterday I went for a covid test that turned out to be more adventurous than expected. The day before yesterday, I was reclaiming screens with one of my several friends named Mark (the only one willing to reclaim screens, which is a LOT more fun than everyone thinks, no matter what people who might have […]

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Boiling Point

I vacillate these days between abject despair and anger. As I wrote in the blog post you haven’t read because I’ve been working on it for two days and am getting nowhere, it feels like the End Times are upon us. Which has been a place humankind has been many, many times before, maybe once […]

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The Long Haul

Monday I listened to the county public health director on community radio. Tuesday I attended the revival of the county’s business Zooms. Yesterday one of my several friends named Karen told me she had returned to volunteer work at our newly re-opened county call center. Corona is walking among us. In truth, she never left […]

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Lucky Dogs

This is a true story. None of the names have been changed, because there is no innocent we need to protect. Once upon a time, not that long ago, but one superintendent and a different business manager ago (good thing, since now it’s my sister Tia), our school district hired a man named Cannon Leatherwood […]

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Crested Butte Strong

Spoiler alert: This happened while many of us in the United States slept, but due to the time difference and people’s viewing habits, it won’t be shown on television until this evening. If you want to be surprised while you watch “live” this evening, you should just skip this. Or come back tomorrow. Crested Butte […]

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The Inner Heat

An episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called “The Inner Light” is one of my favorites, but now that I’m starting to live it, I’m not enjoying it nearly as much as when it was strictly theoretical. In this episode, Captain Picard is rendered unconscious on the bridge of his own ship by a […]

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