Travels with TL: Denver or Bustang

This is not actually about a travel I’ve taken, but one I am planning to take. And I know it is ill-advised to advertise one’s absence from home on the internet while the absence is taking place, but would-be thieves be forewarned: everyone else, particularly the vicious guard animals, is staying in place. This was […]

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I Yam What I Yam

Food would not be food if it were not lightly sautéed in disdain and sprinkled with thin shavings of judgment. –Alexandra Petri It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat — it is wrong. But it probably doesn’t matter what you eat, either — it is also wrong. Yesterday, for whatever reason, my joints really […]

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Super Dwindle

If ever there was an event that didn’t need more hype, it’s the Super Bowl — but CBS seems to have missed the obvious. You would think, the way their news division is carrying on, that this is the network’s first chance in a long time to show you how it can cover The Game, […]

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A Post-Post Post

For the last several years, I have shared a Denver Post subscription with one of my many friends named Bob. But I believe we got our last paper yesterday. I just can’t countenance spending the money they ask for the product they deliver. I don’t blame the staff, what’s left of it, but I have […]

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Here is the first thing we should all know today: yesterday my solar panels at work produced 10.6 kilowatt hours of power. 10.6! That’s not quite half a lap at the Monaco Grand Prix. (I have no idea why the solar-monitoring company, Enlighten, uses what it does for comparisons. Perhaps they think this is a […]

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Dark Matter

Yesterday’s reading material all led in a dark direction I hardly expected when I took it up, and that seems to be what’s on my mind today, so I’ll just drag you all down with me — although if we follow it through, what I read ultimately leads to uplift. Everything started innocuously enough. At […]

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Inside Out

Here you go: the public unveiling of the first look from inside a framed Good Room. I have yet to see this myself; this is Lynn’s photojournalistic effort. (In the old days, I would have known how to set this picture straight; in this brave new electronic world, I can’t figure it out, so we’ll […]

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Up on the Roof

Yesterday at work Ben and I braved the elements to tackle the roof. Okay, so there weren’t that many elements to tackle. The sun was shining; it was warm enough that I left a base layer behind and he took off his cap, and the cold wind that moved in later had yet to put […]

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‘Twas Brillig’s

‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. Do you ever get things stuck in your head? You hear a word and then you roll it over and over (and over) on your mental tongue? It’s not as predominant now, […]

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