So I shoveled some snow this weekend, and according to the forecasts, I’ll get to do more later today — although while the forecast calls for snow from noon until 6, we’re predicting less than one inch. That’s a lot of flurrying about. I also desperately need to get on the roof at work, because […]

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Just My Type

I am in a fervor of indecision this morning, and watching my laptop battery drain without making any blog progress. Na Ki’o is here, firmly ensconced on exactly half of my typing arms, limiting me to five fingers. It might be closer to four fingers — I’m not sure how involved my pinky gets. I […]

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All Trussed Up and Where We Go

We will see if we can’t be more cogent about trusses (and offer less detail about rooftop disasters) today. But we’re off to a very late start, so that opens the door for ever more interruptions. Because Lynn thinks she has mended well enough, she went off to one of her 12-hour days yesterday (Gunnison-Almont-Crested […]

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Long Golden Trusses

Merry Trussmas! was the reaction around Gunnison yesterday. I was at my Skype lunch when Lynn came in, very excited, with more video than still photos. (And you are all spared– I mean, miss out — on the seven-minute video of the presumably tanned and rested crane operator skillfully wrangling a truss into place over […]

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These Boots

Yesterday I spent 10 minutes fitting Oz’s front feet into recently-purchased dog boots, and then I sent him out the front door while I finished putting on my own boots. I looked down, and found one of his boots in front of the door. I opened the door, and there was the other, on the […]

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We seem to have a creature living rent-free in our backyard. I’m guessing a deer, but not being much of a student of nature, I don’t know the housing habits of woodland-living-in-the-urban-interface beings. I can’t remember what day it last snowed enough to warrant shoveling, and sometimes I don’t always get to the back sidewalk […]

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Decision Gone Wrong

Yesterday’s post, garbled though it was, was perhaps not cathartic, but it did seem to clarify some paths to decisions. However, I left that and wandered into a thicket of rue at work over a large, possibly irrevocable decision made last October. The decision had actually fomented over years, and was probably really made in […]

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In Decision

I haven’t posted about our house for awhile because of Mexico. (Everything, it turns out, is Mexico’s fault.) Before he started work on our house, Jered, the subcontractor in charge of framing, took his family to Mexico. And this last week he has pulled his crew off our house to start another, while waiting for […]

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Camera Obscure

Sometimes the hardest part about this blog, and the most time-consuming portion, are the elegant photo illustrations that accompany each post. We’ve already established that I have resorted to “borrowing” heavily from the internet, in the manner that Mr. Krabs borrows, i.e. (to turn a Latin phrase) without permission. I try, where I can, to […]

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Was it just yesterday morning I realized I passed my 20-year anniversary at Pat’s Screen Printing without fanfare? It was some recent morning, as I was lying here among cat(s), mulling over topics of my life with which to regale you, and I realized I started work at Pat’s Screen Printing in October 1998. That’s […]

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