Primarily a Mail-In State

I am voting today, an act that usually cheers me, but feels kind of sad this year. I have a shirt down at work waiting to be adorned with “Voting Matters,” because I believe that with all my being, and I’m still voting, but it’s not with the fanfare that usually accomplishes such an act […]

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Working It Through

Yesterday DJ was sort of glad to see me, and sort of not. DJ is one of the owners of my wood shop/makers space, and when I arrived at 2:45, I was the first appearance any member had put in all day. So I think he was glad someone showed up, but my timing was […]

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Critical of Thinking

Just so you know, conspiracies are real, and I’m currently in one that doesn’t want me sleeping through the night. Last night, in my carefree Flonase-assisted sleep, the smoke detector went off. For no apparent reason other than to jerk me awake at 3:40. When Facebook first started attracting widespread attention (can you remember back […]

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Nothin’ Good

I was working on a post for today when technology failed once again, and now I am at work with plenty of things to do besides blog. So I will tell you instead that along about Wednesday, we had at the house another one of those little power outages the electrical co-op insists don’t exist […]

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Mysterious Maladies

Spotty internet service, slow computers . . . the last two days have shaken my limited faith in technology. I understand that nothing in the world is more dreary than listening to old people discussing their endless ailments. But that’s what we’ve got at this house, aging people and pets, and that’s what we’ve got […]

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Down on the Farm

My dad was raised on a dairy farm in upstate New York. I don’t know at what point this became the family avocation, but it’s what his father did, and his brother, and presumably still my cousins. But when it comes to me, we are looking at a lot of spilled milk. I think it’s […]

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Woodn’t It Be Nice?

I think woodworking could be more hazardous for me than I was expecting. Sure, there’s the nail gun, which in my hands becomes an object of randomness — although at least I haven’t shot anyone with it (yet) as I understand a fellow makers’ space member did inadvertently. But of course I am on my […]

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State of the Street

+Instead of taking my own picture, I helped myself to this one, credit claimed by Western Not State. It’s not current: The Bean is now Tributary Coffee; the gallery with the red roof is gone; and as of this month, so is Castle Creek Guitars. For about 10 years after I left the newspaper, during […]

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Tulsa Time

Today is Juneteenth, which means more to some of us than it might have in the past. For myself, I was mildly aware of it as something celebrated in the Five Points district of Denver, traditionally a black neighborhood, but not the historical significance. The reporting of this history is a bit more varied than […]

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