Nothin’ Good

modem thingies 0620

I was working on a post for today when technology failed once again, and now I am at work with plenty of things to do besides blog.

So I will tell you instead that along about Wednesday, we had at the house another one of those little power outages the electrical co-op insists don’t exist and which a plurality of electricians tell us is not a function of the wiring.

This event that only happens in my imagination and on select devices in the house — the bedroom clock, the microwave clock (but not the stove or pet station clocks, also plugged in), the VCR and the internet only happened in my imagination, and ever since this non-happening, internet service has been extremely haphazard.

This morning as of 8 it appears to have just given up and quit trying. And without the internet I have no way of reporting this to Spectrum; heck, I don’t even have our account number even if I knew what number to call.

The last two days I’ve been able to finish my blog at work, despite the extreme slowness of the internet there — if I were paranoid, I’d be reporting this conspiracy on Facebook, which was the planned topic for today but which you will have to wait until tomorrow or the restoration of functional internet, which may be shortly behind the Second Coming.

Yesterday my work internet fairly well gave up the ghost around midday. In a fit of impatience, I pushed the plus sign in my address bar multiple times, only to eventually get about 18 “new tabs,” not a single one of which would respond to any command, including my entreaties for all of them to go away.

Well, now I have my wish: every last tab, including my pages for dealing with Microsoft Access, Quickbooks, Paypal and every other computer issue that is above my skill set , is gone. Fresh start whether I wanted it or not.

So I have nothing good to say about the internet, or internet providers, this morning, and if you can’t say anything good, then come sit here next to me, as Dorothy Parker (I think — maybe it was Gertrude Stein) once famously counseled.

I hope your internet situation is happier wherever you may be.

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