The Ayes of Texas

Hey, Gunnison County made it into a national news story! Only tangentially, you understand, but for a new moment we are a footnote of notoriety in a firehose of sewage seeping out of the crazy state that Texas has become. Ah, Texas. The oily secretion that butters our bread here in Gunnison County. We here […]

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Hip, But Not With It

I know, I know: it’s been an unconscionably long time since you’ve heard from me, and since I started this particular post four days ago, it may be never that you really hear from me, but I feel this time I have an excuse while not good is certainly legitimate: Lynn broke her hip in […]

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My Shining Moment

Know who successfully predicted the final two teams in their NCAA men’s basketball bracket? This guy! (I’m pointing to myself with both thumbs, in case you aren’t already seeing that.) I have to confess, I started gloating early, jeopardizing the chances of San Diego State University in the final, but I must also tell you […]

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Thoughts and Prayers

So. Another day, another few mass shootings, one of them dreadful enough to occupy the national media for a day or two. Gayle King on CBS told me how many mass shootings have taken place this month — and she emphasized she was talking about March, not the entirety of three-month-long 2023 — and it […]

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Ah, Cliffhangers

Lynn and I watched the end of a movie the other night that really wasn’t an end, and even though I didn’t see any of the rest of the movie I find myself rather stuck on the ending. The TV came up where it had left off: on Turner Classic Movies. “Classic” has now extended […]

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Ice Ice Baby

As I understand it, “owning the libs” means saying, or better yet, doing something that infuriates members of the Democratic party and their ilk. Yesterday — yes, only yesterday — it occurred to me that while the phrase doesn’t seem to exist in ordinary lexicon, “owning the cons” is every bit as viable. And easy […]

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Corona Pays a Visit

Three-quarters of the way into this post yesterday, WordPress once again ate my homework. I’m getting smarter: I took screen shots, so I only had to re-type, not re-create. See that? I can learn things in my old age. Three years into, and perhaps out of, a pandemic, Corona finally paid a visit to our […]

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Snow Way

Per usual, our snow forecast for Tuesday-Wednesday was wrong. Per unusual, we got more snow than called for — more than double, in fact. We had a gen-u-wine December snowstorm Tuesday night. I took my trusty tape measure out to the hood of my truck and then to the deck, and in both places the […]

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An Unrelenting Cold

While the rest of the country has hunkered down from subzero temperatures and blowing snow, we here in the Nation’s Cold Spot — although local weather watcher Bruce Bartleson was at recent pains to show us how we are not, by any metric, the coldest spot, merely in the top 10 — enjoyed a balmy […]

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