Snow What?

Once upon a time, I don’t remember how long ago, but certainly before social media and “pow cams,” the Denver Broncos hosted some other team for a Monday Night Football game in December. I remember nothing about the game itself; I probably didn’t watch it. But it was back in the day when you could […]

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What Matters

Note: Everyone in this story is vaccinated. I am back from a major flex of my very flabby social muscles. After at least two years of very quiet Thanksgivings I this year attended two dinners on two days with a total of 17 people and broke bread with friends and family at two other meals. […]

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Once in my sister Terri’s storied athletic career, she made what she deemed a giant error. I don’t recall what it was, and being away in college I wasn’t on hand to witness it. I think she perhaps missed a free throw or two in the final stretch of what became the last basketball game […]

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Waiting for . . . Chris Christie?

Here’s something I don’t know that I ever expected to see myself write: Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, sounded like the voice of reason in a recent book-stumping appearance on The Daily Show. Now, before we all get too carried away, let’s set the bar as it now stands: perhaps you missed the […]

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For Remembrance

Through the Miracle of the Internet, I’ve already reviewed the first of two sections of today’s weekly Gunnison paper. Omar, sometime employee at Pat’s, got his picture on the front page participating in a school project; we had an in-town shooting; lots and lots of school contretemps over masks and non-existent critical race theory . […]

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Belted and Buckling

I have been awake since 3:30 and find myself in total agreement, for once, with Marco Rubio. The Florida senator is on a quest to end this time-changing nonsense, and I am — on this issue — completely in his corner. Is it enough to make me a single-issue voter? Yes, at 3:30 a.m. It […]

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If you’re going to lie down with lions, you should expect to be eaten. That’s a saying, right? Not just something I made up for the moment? Although if I did, feel free to start using it as a saying. Thieves fall out. That’s definitely a saying, and we’re seeing that one play out in […]

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Wherefore Art Thou, Western?

As yesterday went on, I found myself contemplating where I have devolved — there might be people who view it as evolving — to in my community life. I was ruminating on this because the college — I mean, university — did finally rid itself, several years and many hundreds of thousands of dollars too […]

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Uneasy Company

After two months of anticipation, company has come and gone, arriving late and leaving early, which in the case of company is preferable to the opposite, but it still seems a large build-up for 18 hours of togetherness, nine of which took place while sleeping. For half of her adult life, Lynn has been here […]

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The Rust-ic Life

Living in the country is not only rustic — it’s downright educational, as I recently learned once more all over again. And I am, absolutely gratis, giving you the benefit of my wisdom before you come to experience it yourself. Unless you’re already living in a modern-day house out in the wilds, in which case […]

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