Pro Life: A Quiz

It maybe might be that I’m a tad cranky today. I’m sure I can’t think of 21 new reasons why, but here’s a quiz for all of us to see just how “pro life” we really are. Good luck, and no cheating unless you think it will further your political ambitions. Question 1) The time […]

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The High Cost of Ownership

As a party platform, “owning the libs” doesn’t seem to carry long-term sustainability, but it certainly costs a lot. Up until, say, about six years ago, I assumed that most Republicans, like most Democrats and the unaffiliated mass perhaps in between, were rational people. Ideologically we didn’t see eye to eye, and while I just […]

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Main Street Melancholy

Yesterday was a mournful day for me, and while I’m sure you are tired of hearing of my melancholia, this is what I have. In the absence of Oz and our walk before or to work I have been parking my car in front of my very indulgent friend Karen’s house in my old ‘hood […]

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How’s Your Aspen?

We are on Consecutive Gray Day #3 here in Gunnison, and the dreariest part of this report is that we once again have almost no moisture to show for it. I’m pretty sure it’s not just me, but I for one am heartily sick of Mother Nature promising so much and delivering so little this […]

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Seeking the Charm

The coffee shop down the street, in addition to its outdoor “patio” seating and bike rack (they also sell bicycles and effect repairs), further impedes the sidewalk with one of those A-frame signs that features little bits of humor that are frequently quite funny, although I of course can’t ever remember any of them. Since […]

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Western Sonata

First things first: Since my last post, Oz bounced back to a better place, then bounced un-back (I would use the opposite of “back,” but that’s “forward,” and that isn’t where he went at all), and is now seeming better once again. He’s still not eating much in the way of dry food, but he […]

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Book Report

It turns out, on Day Three of my screed against censorship, that I did not address the county’s public library board as planned Thursday afternoon. I would have, but just as I crammed myself against the stacks on the east side of the building they announced that the forms to speak were located with a […]

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Well, that didn’t take long. I put out my first post in months, or so, and the universe put out its demand mere hours later: there’s a board meeting for our county library today, and word on the street is that a woman will be present to demand that a book be removed from the […]

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Burning Man

I know; it seems like I’m never going to blog again, doesn’t it? I did not realize I had been so lax, not even opening WordPress at all this week, figuring I still had several days to get my apparently now weekly report in, only to find out I’m as overdue as those bad books […]

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So I’ve been thinking about money. Not how to get more, although that thought probably crosses my mind from time to time, but the very concept of money itself. In my younger days, I received coin of the realm: allowance; gifts; lawn, pet and newspaper delivery jobs; visits from the tooth fairy — although now […]

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