My sister Tia, who was staying with us earlier this week, asked if I was settling into a routine in the new house. By yesterday morning, I realized that the answer is no, because so much of my life is still in boxes and dependent on the actions of others, none of whom are feeling […]

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Travels with TL: Crested Butte

You didn’t hear from me again yesterday because my morning schedule was once again thrown off, this time by a trip to Crested Butte for — is the suspense getting to you? — a dental cleaning. I live in Gunnison and my dentist lives in Gunnison, but we both went north to Crested Butte yesterday […]

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Sun Powerless

It is snowing this morning when I was expecting — based on my last reading of Wunderground’s 10-day forecast (which might have taken place Saturday) — sunshine and warming temperatures. I was planning to reclaim screens at the car wash tomorrow or Wednesday, and this isn’t helping. It’s also not helping my mood, which was […]

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Season of Big Wind

Around here, I know April is going to be a windy month, something to do with the warmer temperatures and the melting snow, but I don’t really expect the wind to roar all October as it has this year. Last night it blew and blew and blew a bit harder, precipitating a wisp of snow […]

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Real Tools

In my still-unrealized quest to fit at least one car in the garage, I unpacked every box I found marked “garage” and set items at random on shelves. The result now is that tools are strewn everywhere, and while I unearthed at least three tool boxes and one tool bag, I have decided I need […]

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Hung Up His Cleats

I dropped some stuff off at the Barrys’ house the other day, where Mrs. Barry was preparing to go to a memorial service. It was, she said, the fourth such service she’d been to in two weeks. I’ve been to two recently (not in quite the same short time span, but close) and should have […]

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Working at Not Much

I have been goofing off this morning, not blogging. My bio-rhythms were much better yesterday, so I don’t think we can blame that, but instead of blogging I’ve been watching Sandra Boynton videos, playing Solitaire and reading feel-good stories in the Washington Post. Here is my question for Ms. Boynton and everyone else who turns […]

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