Ups and Downs

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could talk about something other than coronavirus? (Allow me to direct you to my musings on whale ear wax — perhaps you should be careful what you wish for.) Well, I just can’t be that nice today. Here is the most important thing you should know: the wise folks […]

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Gunnison in the Springtime

Way back when I worked at the newspaper, we had a county resident, Josh Thompson, who made the Olympic team as a biathlete, a tricky discipline where you cross-country ski as hard as you can, then try to calm your breathing and aim a gun at little tiny targets. Gunnison probably hosted Olympians prior to […]

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While I thought I was being relatively pro-active and taking semi-reasonable precautions, it turns out nothing really sunk in until late yesterday afternoon. No, I don’t believe I have covid-19, but that’s when it occurred to me that I stand a very real chance of losing my business unless my staff and I can be […]

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What a difference one week can make, hm? One week ago Gunnison County saw its first case of covid-19, and this morning most of the county should be shut down. We are closed, more or less, a tourist destination telling tourists to stay far away. It’s a very fluid situation, still changing by the half-day. […]

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Un-Brave New World

I get it, I really do: this is about attempting healthy fear in what we thought we could manage but is really uncharted territory. But even at the local level, where Gunnison County appears to have been more prepared than many places, official actions intended to be decisive are leaving more questions than answers. Decisions […]

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Waxing About Whales

So I am pondering ear wax. Mine, sure, but mostly that belonging to whales. Up until a few months ago, I gave very little consideration to any ear wax other than my own. In fact, I had no idea that whales produced ear wax. If you had asked me and I really, really stopped to […]

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Day Three of Captivity

Remember how I said the other day that I had plenty of things to do at home? Well, I still have pretty much all of them to do, since my days at home have been mostly about resting, despite not having coronavirus. I am working my way through one of my History magazines, which is […]

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Health Report

Don’t worry: I’m just late, not stricken with the coronavirus. I think. I found a handy-dandy chart on the county’s Heath and Human Services (HHS) page, but as I study it, I have no idea how any of us ever know what we’re sick with. In the years before I got a flu shot, I […]

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A Night Without Beethoven

Today was supposed to be Beethoven Day. Not his birthday or the anniversary of anything significant he did or any sort of international recognition at all, just the day the Colorado Symphony came to Crested Butte to present an evening of Beethoven for an extremely affordable price, starting at $15. As far as I know, […]

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For Gunnison County it got real yesterday, with our first reported case of covid-19. Although Fortino was mocked by his co-workers in the morning for relaying this, by the afternoon he was the recipient of apologies as the county’s public health director issued a statement through an assortment of channels such as Facebook, the local […]

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