Thousands of Words

oz deck 0719

A house update, mostly in pictures: Oz inspects the new deck. At left is the new door hardware, round on this and the garage door for bear-proofing, levers everywhere else. Note the box of rocks in the background. Work on that and the stucco is scheduled to commence the third week in June. The Monday after that. The Wednesday after that. The Monday after that. Any day that doesn’t have a “y” in it. Next Monday. Mark it on your calendars.

front door 0719

The front door, with non-bear-proof lever but bear-stopping keypad-entry deadbolt. It needs painting — we’re thinking burgundy to match the roof.

fireplace 0719

The fireplace — finally trimmed and drywalled. Now the interior just needs to be set up.

closet 0719

Closet doors stained and installed. No shelves or rods, though. And still no clue how the steam shower works.

guest rm door 0719

Guest room door with lever action (no bears allowed in the house). Also note, on the left, Lynn’s hand-painted pantry door. The gray is intended to match her lower cabinets, assuming they ever arrive. Hope they’re not on the same schedule as the stucco.

s house deck 0719

The south side of the house. This door also needs to be painted. Burgundy? Brown? Bright pink?

And there you have. Easy to write, easy to read, and we all can feel virtuous because of how many thousands of words worth of post these pictures encompassed.

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