Windows of Inopportunity

You will be glad to know — or maybe it’s just me — that it wasn’t just me: our one-year-old windows are dysfunctional. Which does not make me glad. About a month ago, as the weather started cooling down, I started closing our year-old slider windows, intending to lock them down for the winter. Problem: […]

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Home Sweet Home

A week ago today was a year ago today that we moved into our new house, mere steps behind the certificate of occupancy and barely ahead of the sale of our old house. Back then — way back when, in an entirely different time — everything felt rushed and chaotic, and the status of this […]

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Home Improvement

It is 8 a.m. on a Sunday and there are men on our driveway, working. Just so you know, in case you were wondering, this would not be a job I would be signing up for. Never mind that is is shoveling gravel — any job that requires me being on the jobsite by 8 […]

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Pig Farming

A woman whom I worked with early in my Pat’s years put her finger right on it one day. I have no idea what thing (or things, most likely) I was trying to do, or planning to do, or starting to do, but in half-exasperation, half-accusation and half (yes, that’s too many)-realization, she said, “You’re […]

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Tamping Down the Back(sp)lash

The last piece has finally fallen into place: my bathroom vanity has a backsplash and is, at very long last, complete, the punctuation mark on the conclusion of our build. Ta-da! I was fully expecting, and semi-prepared, to have to craft this myself, with an extensive assist from my woodshop teacher. But since I’m still […]

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My Sediments Exactly

The plumber is here and I am helping by sitting clear up out of the way. Actually, the plumber is here when he’s not somewhere else, so as a productive exercise we’re not getting far fast. Avery arrived on time, but wasn’t in the crawl space very long before he emerged and announced he’d brought […]

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Ah, Vanity

I have been putting this off, but yesterday inquiring minds wanted to know, so here is the report on my bathroom vanity: it is installed. Sort of. This, the last piece before we consider construction on the house “complete,” not withstanding the shelf projects Lynn is cranking out and I am struggling with (I intellectualized […]

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The Mechanics of It All

It’s just as well we didn’t get a flow meter installed on our water line when we were supposed to, although what this really means is more money needing to be spent on a new house. Yesterday an employee of the plumbing company owned by our neighbors arrived to install the flow meter we were […]

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There’s No Place Like Home

At breakfast last Sunday, where we covered a wide range of topics in a very noisy place (one of our topics was this modern notion by restaurateurs that noise is cool), I was asked at some point — or maybe it was a statement — about missing my old house. With thought, I have decided […]

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Full Steam Ahead

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A contractor, an electrician and a homeowner walk into a steam shower — Oh? You’ve heard it before? Okay, but I think this is the last time I get to tell it. I hope. Dusty the contractor and Shawn the electrician arrived yesterday afternoon for a process […]

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