By Extension

My bio-rhythms must have been down yesterday (and perhaps still today). Life just wore me out, for no good reason at all. It started with a completely deflating phone call from the fireplace installer. His boss had finally called Monday (and had trouble reaching me because our phones at work were out once again — […]

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He Shed, She Shed

I’m new to this Homeowners’ Association (HOA) thing. They feel fairly ubiquitous — even Tia, with a lot way out in Parlin, has an HOA — but it’s nothing I’ve had to deal with directly in all my years. It does turn out that the Palisades subdivision came with covenants, but no one knew that […]

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The Grass is Greener

Above: the front yard is looking pretty green, except for the completely barren berm (and Lynn’s unplanted garden in the foreground). The east side of the house , except for the swath near the house where the sprinkler doesn’t go, also looks promising, but the large expanse in back and along the west looks like […]

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The Beast Within

We have a giant beast in our garage. Actually, we have several, one of them an extremely noisy commercial freezer, but most of them have lived in our garage for a long time and are thus familiar. This is a new beast, stealthy and possibly seductive but so far not unfriendly. At the design end, […]

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First-World Problem

I don’t usually run into Hugo Ferchau nearly as much as it sounds like when reading this blog. I can go months without seeing him, but for whatever reason I have been running into him a lot these days. Like the other day, and he wanted to know how it was going. “I ate too […]

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Which do you suppose is worse, being awakened at 3 a.m. by a false fire alarm, or being awakened at 4 a.m. by a yowling cat demanding food? It seems like there is a clear answer here, but if I were still teaching and a student offered cogent arguments for either, I’d go with it. […]

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Three Weeks In

We have now been in our house for three weeks, even if it doesn’t feel like it. I don’t actually feel much more unpacked than I was two weeks ago; I haven’t done anything enough for it to yet feel like a routine; and I’m beginning to wonder if the final construction pieces are ever […]

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