T Minus 25 (Maybe)

Massive technical difficulties: the internet was broken for more than two hours at home; Microsoft Word was uncooperative on one computer at work; and have you ever noticed how slow computers move when you need them to be fast? Here you go — it’s hardly worth the wait. I think, before we believe anything I’m […]

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The Waiting Game

Where is our house update? I’m sure you have been wondering. Well, that’s what Lynn and I have been wondering too, and I don’t know that I have much to tell you except we’re waiting. And waiting. Every day Lynn and Oz go out to the house, and every day she brings back a similar […]

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A Charlie Brown Week

Yesterday was the First Day of Summer, according to the most authentic source there is, Mother Earth, who hit her farthest tilt on her axis and is now pointing back down the other way. (Sorry, John and all the rest of you who lament the shortening of your days.) So of course today’s forecast here […]

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A Dusty Sort of Place

About a decade ago the siding was crumbling off our house, necessitating replacement. My friend Vikki, now more-or-less retired but then a full-time bookkeeper, had several construction clients, and she recommended a guy named Dusty. She called him a “good man, and an honorable one.” I found Dusty just down the street from my childhood […]

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A Happenin’ Place

If there’s an explosion in a house, that’s generally a bad thing. Unless we’re operating in figurative terms, and the house in question is the one we have under construction. And there the bang means things are happening. This week alone, stucco supplies have materialized in the yard, solar panels are all in place, the […]

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All Hands On Deck

Nothing — and I mean nothing — about having a house built is simple. Even things that sound and seem innocuous. Don’t believe me? (Or maybe you do. Play along anyway.) Examples abound. Flooring. When I spoke with Cynthia from Green Building Supply, the oak hardwood she assured me was sustainable was supposed to be […]

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I have had this on-going problem that isn’t really a problem yet but setting up to be in the All Things To All People Room in our new house. We keep calling it the “laundry room,” and it is where all the laundry action is scheduled to take place, but this is everything going in […]

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