Still Here

Gratuitous shot of the front yard with the massive ice berm smothering Lynn’s flower garden, and new snow covering the grass seed we spread yesterday.

I’m still here, despite the way it has seemed the last few days. Mostly I haven’t had the fortitude to attempt to take on WordPress, which is supposed to be about pressing words but which keeps innovating its way right of out blog-friendly options.

I did lose a key paragraph while trying to make my “V Day” post publishable, and it has been restored, sort of. Appearancewise, it’s the ugliest post I’ve ever managed, and I’m laying the blame for that directly at the feet of WordPress.

Right now it is squashing my typewritten lines together, and I can either change that paragraph by paragraph, or live with it at the back end and hope it doesn’t show up that way at your end. I tried to solve that by typing my last post in Microsoft Word, but it imported in an almost poem-ic fashion. And when I defer to WordPress “Classic,” which once upon a time was a blog-friendly option, it doesn’t provide spacing between paragraphs and sometimes renders my post as one giant paragraph — a flaw that seems to completely escape WordPress’ notice even when it’s pointed out to them.

Clearly I have issues, almost all of them with WordPress, but this morning I have other issues, like time. I spent prime blog time outside shoveling (don’t get excited: there’s not very much snow, and it’s not going to last), and now I am awaiting Na Ki’o’s home-visit vet, who is using laser therapy to manage Ki’o’s pain, which may, after all, be muscloskeletal — not heart, and not necessarily diabetic, although years of this chronic disease may be a contributing factor.

But I didn’t want you thinking I’d woken up dead from my covid shot, as one of my friends who also got his first dose last week thought might happen. So this is it for today, and possibly tomorrow, since I have a business Zoom that also will cut into prime blogging time.

Some day I will get my life together, and we can all celebrate this miracle that has been 58-plus years in the making. Have a good day, everyone.

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