flowers 0820
Gratuitous still life of Lynn’s flower garden, making progress, along with two of my tomato plants that are never going to grow tomatoes but which recently decided front porch life suits them much better than full-sun deck life out back.

This is mostly to let you know I am still here, just less organized than usual, if you can believe such a thing. No matter my intentions, I am not likely to find time to fit a post in today.

I know I missed Saturday, and yesterday, and really only made it halfway through a thought on Sunday, and now it’s Tuesday (somewhere in this world I’m almost sure it’s Tuesday), and I’m probably about to lose my chance at the Bloggers’ Hall of Fame with so many fails in such a short period of time, but it doesn’t seem able to be helped.

One of my makers’ space teachers came over this morning to discuss a garage loft I have decided to pass along to him rather than attempt it with my limited skill set, and then I sat through my business sector Zoom, which has probably dissuaded the last vestige of a notion of a 40-year celebration of any sort for Pat’s. The form is 10 pages long; the event would be labor intensive; and I believe the Gunnison chamber of commerce turned in a form six weeks ago and is still waiting to hear back.

Maybe we’ll have a celebration next year of the nice round figure of 41 years in business (thinking positively) that might feel more like a party.

At any rate, I need to be getting on with my day, although it feels like I’ve been getting on with it for nearly two hours already, and this is all I have to show for it blogwise. But I can tantalize you with this: all my reading these days is pointing toward a discussion of Christo.

You have been warned, or advertised. It’s so hard to tell these days, isn’t it?

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