Random Acts

sunset 0520
It looked a lot more dramatic in person, but here’s a sunset for you.

I tried having a “covid-free” day yesterday, but as I discovered upon waking at 3 this morning, reality is just never far away these days.

I am starting this with no time left for blogging after starting another entry that you may or may not see later, so — since I already skipped one day this week — I will just provide you some highlights (mostly) and we’ll all go on about our days.

While I have yet to hear or receive anything from the IRS regarding my first request for Employee Retention Credits, the City of Gunnison very promptly mailed us a check for $5,000, which arrived yesterday. It turns out, we may have rushed for no reason: the city’s ad in yesterday’s paper said there are still funds available. Oh, well: we have ours, and now I can make payroll next week without dipping into our dwindling savings.

(While we’re on yesterday’s paper, the letters section was much more positive than the week before. I have heard that our county commissioners and public health officials have now started receiving death threats — I hope that’s a rumor and not true, but given some people’s twisted anger, it’s not a hard rumor to believe — but several people wrote in to thank them for all their hard work and encourage the community to be kind.)

We also are getting orders from local entities for masks. It occurred to many t-shirt companies that they work with cloth, so we — and when I say we, I mean Kara — can start to track down several semi-reliable sources for masks, either that we can print or source already printed.

Our steamer arrived yesterday, and we’ve had three in-store retail purchases this week, despite our door still being locked. People — okay, so far, almost exclusively friends and family, not that they aren’t people, at least most of them — are finding their way to our on-line retail.

My practice in my blog for a response to the retail sector went there almost word for word and has sparked what I feel has been a productive conversation. I did have one phone call — agreeing with me — but I was surprised, because the caller is not just a glass-half-full sort, but rather the-glass-is-going-to-overflow-any-minute-now type, and she was really, really angry at the potential restrictions being suggested for smaller businesses in the event of a viral resurgence.

Some people still aren’t getting my point, that I want the large businesses to be required to behave as responsibly as the smaller, or conversely, if it’s not necessary for groceries to close down if positive cases are found to have invaded their space, then why must downtown, but I will continue prosecuting my case.

And, most important of all, with Lynn’s assistance I managed to purchase both a CD and a download of Gershwin for Ellie, who did read my blog yesterday. So the only surprise will be that I actually succeeded, but that’s good enough, don’t you think?

That’s all I’ve got for you today, which is one of these days when it will later occur to me everything I forgot to mention, but if I write it down perhaps I will remember it for later, or maybe it wasn’t really worth mentioning in the first place.

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