Dear Teachure

"I don't think your parent would sign this excuse, 'Timmy's Mom'."

Please excuse TL from writing his blog today at he woke up feeling quite dizzy despite loading up on Zyrtec during a recent uprising of allergens. He also proved a bit indecisive as to which of many covid-related topics to address this morning, although speaking of uprisings you’re bound to eventually hear about the second homeowner displeasure with Gunnison County just about now.

But — in an effort to prove he is not just faking it this morning — he is really looking forward to more than five minutes of research in order to regale you with an invigorating report on Colombia’s “cocaine hippos,” which he only learned late yesterday are a real thing.

Thanks for all you educators do, especially in these extremely trying times. I know TL appreciates you, even if he doesn’t act like it, and I do too.


TL’s Mom


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