I am at home, where Oz and I have been banished. He did have a close encounter, perhaps of the second kind, and so did Lynn, as all her co-workers pointed out to her. I tried; I left Oz outside and was only in long enough to leave my backpack, but that one little bag was enough to fumigate the entire workplace.

We did go to the dog self-wash, although the owner and John weren’t there, just a couple of employees who went out of their way to be unhelpful. Without knowing what it was, one of them told me my shampoo wouldn’t work as well as theirs (I already tried theirs with no success — although I see from the internet that it’s supposed to be hydrogen peroxide, not vinegar, to mix with baking soda and Dawn, so maybe mine didn’t work as well either), and then they told me someone was coming in to use the self-wash. Well, there were two open tubs and no one came in throughout Oz’s bath, so I shouldn’t have disrupted anyone’s schedule.

But since my backpack, and probably everything else I had with me, was reeking, we got sent home, where I now have every window as wide open as it will go, all the doors open, the garage door open, the house ventilation system running . . . the wind is cooperating nicely by funneling huge amounts of air through (so far all my papers are anchored down).

I have sprayed with lavender, which is all I can find, and sprinkled carpet deodorizer everywhere.

And all I’m still smelling is skunk.

This is letting me keep an eye on our sprinkler systems, none of which are working particularly well, especially in the wind, and I thought I could catch up on household bills, but it turns out every single one is due today, and until I deposit the checks I took with me in my fetid backpack, I have nothing to pay them with.

How to have a happy Monday, huh?

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