No Beans About It

good room w kesh 0819

You’re not getting much of an entry today. I may have hit my wall from a very stressful week. I’m sure we’ll all laugh about it later, us going out the back door of our old house just as the new owners were moving in, but right now I’m decompressing — as much as one can decompress without being able to find the aromatherapy packed in a box deep in the garage.

Okay, we don’t have any aromatherapy, but my new shower is set up to accommodate that. It even comes with a warning (or perhaps it’s a directive): Please Screw the cover of Perfume Feeding before using. And that’s about the extent of any directions. I have figured out three dials: one is temperature (poorly marked in Celsius, so it’s good I know 28 = 82), one is water pressure, and one directs the water: into the tub, out of the acupressure jets, down from the rainfall shower head, or out the hand wand. Another button activates the whirlpool; two other dials seem relatively superfluous so far. And while I turned on (which might be necessary before screwing the perfume feeding cover) the control panel and made different lights come on, I don’t understand it at all.

Lynn loves her new gas cooktop, but so far is despairing over the lack of heat in the oven. And the one load of wash we’ve tried so far vibrated the floor clear out to the kitchen. What sort of sex pad are we running around here?

I should be unpacking, but I foresee a lengthy nap in my future today. I didn’t get as much work done yesterday at work as I needed to, so I’ll have to fit that into the weekend too. Oh, well. I guess Lynn and I have the rest of our lives to unpack.

Our closing went well, and was full of gifts. The balloons you see in the picture above were from my co-workers, along with a lovely card. Audrie, our broker, brought gifts and a card. And our buyers, who started this process so contentiously, came through in the end. Their walk-through Thursday (half an hour after Lynn and I got the last of our stuff out of the way) went “very well” (Audrie, Lynn and I were all braced for complaints) and they left a thank-you card and gifts (a SpongeBob shirt and a plant — what made them think we might like those?) at the title company for us.

I was actually going to skip a house report today and write about the closing of Miller Furniture, a fixture in Gunnison for something like 130 years, but that’s depressing me and I’m too tired today to be depressed. Among many sad aspects of this news is that this is where I have always shopped for my furniture, and I was looking forward to giving them more business than my usual piece-per-year once we settled in and decided what ought to be replaced, besides the recliner that turned out to have scratched up the wood floor at 15 Irwin (discovered only after the movers picked the chair up).

This is a lot of words for someone who wasn’t really going to post an entry today. That’s how I roll, I guess. But Oz and I are going to take a little time this morning to go to the Farmers’ Market. I’ve only been once all summer. And we might check at the pet store to see what options we have for getting Marrakesh outside before his two-to-three weeks of captivity (which you’re supposed to do to acclimate a pet to its new surroundings) are up. He looks fairly relaxed in the photo above, but some of that’s an illusion.

So I hope all of you have a good and relaxed day today, which is what I’m going to try for as well.

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