Short News

pendant light 0619
Check out the pendant lights Lynn found for the new kitchen. What could be more fun than this? That’s our floor right behind it, with the far board face-up to see the color.

I have one hour before Planned Departure Time, and I’m still not packed, nor have I typed instructions for cat feeders, so this is going to be short. But I didn’t want you all to be bereft of my presence.

Yes, it’s true: for the second time in a single month, I am hitting the road. Fasten your seat belts, everyone. I rode with my sister Tia to Arvada for Mother’s Day, which was also close to my mom’s birthday. But the birthday party was delayed until today. Lynn is doing a Medical Tour of Denver, although this tour is only with one doctor and is a routine check-in appointment. The party was timed to coincide with this trip.

So I will be on the road again shortly. It’s almost like the guy in my bicycle chat room who is from Texas but lives in Germany. Over the course of the last three weeks he was in Morocco (he did not recommend driving over the Atlas Mountains at night), Miami, France and London, returning to Germany just today. We are so similar!

Another showing of our house is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, but since we won’t be here, this means trying to prepare well in advance. The broker who showed the house Friday reported that her client(s) objected to the floor plan, but not the price or the condition of the house — and it was a Crested Butte broker. But this means we should brace for a bad review from Monday’s showing. The reviews seem to operate on a pattern.

Here is what I did yesterday that left me wondering about myself: our new company credit card came in the mail while I was working on payroll, which will make one of our vendors very happy. This vendor has let us know about four times now that our credit card on file with them is about to expire. (A representative from this company once told me she wanted to come “through the phone” to give me a hug for paying so promptly each month. I was a little confused, because that seemed to be a requirement with them, that we had to set up auto-pay. It also makes me question the company’s solvency, if they’re having this much trouble getting people to pay them.)

Anyway, the card arrived, with instructions to activate it from my home phone. So I was trying to sort through logistics, how to get the card home and back, in case Kara needs it tomorrow. Kara always needs the card: while my job is to receive checks, hers is to spend all our money.

It took many minutes for me to realize that my home phone is now mobile, and I had it with me. I am not really a member of this Brave New World, no matter what we think.

So the credit card is activated, and Kara can spend with impunity without me there to curb her instincts. She seems to think that we need shirts before we can print on them, but she’s just nutty that way.

On the house front — is it as apparent to you as it is to me that I’m just blithering? — our wood floor pieces arrived in lots of little packages. Lynn spent some chunk of yesterday opening the plastic-wrapped bundles, because Dusty said that’s what is needed to acclimatize the wood, and no one did it after arrival Friday. No word on the ETA for the rest of the flooring.

There are clear-coated boards in one room that I don’t what they’re for, and an absolutely gorgeous plank of wood in the garage that I’m afraid is going to end up on the underside of the plastic deck. So questions have been posed to Dusty as well, further cutting into the time I have available to regale you all with stories.

So we’re hitting the road soon, and I’m not sure what the morrow brings, timewise, but I’ll be back on track on Tuesday with no bike race to distract me.


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