Weathering Lows

We need the moisture. We need the moisture. This must become our mantra; otherwise, the weather might depress us. I read a book on witchcraft (Wiccan philosophy — it may have been called The Magic Power of Witchcraft) many, many (many) years ago, so many that all I remember is that it suggested that outcomes […]

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Burning Daylight

Was it Snow White who wanted us to whistle while working, which really meant cleaning up after her short friends? And that ever-efficient Mary Poppins thought we could make a game out of picking up. Well, these women are clearly insane. Lynn and I spent the weekend in full industry, or house husbandry. (Not that […]

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Saving Daylight

This was the most profound thing I read yesterday about Daylight Savings Time: it really is just shifting daylight, not saving it. The most admonishing thing I read was: it’s saving, not savings, time. So there. Put you in your place. Or me in mine, since I have used that S carelessly, with abandon, for […]

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Free Falling

The sun is finally shining for a morning, which means it’s not snaining for the first time in what feels like all year. The last couple of weeks have been rather relentless and wet, and there’s more of that in our predicted future, but for one shining moment, we have blue sky and sun. And […]

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Marrakesh has lived with us for nearly two years now, and we still don’t have each other figured out. We were down to a single cat, the ever-helpful Na Ki’o (yesterday I spilled his food, and he did his very best, rushing in to scoop up food with his mouth before I could pick it […]

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The Great Electrical Tour

My need for an electrician over the years has been small at home, middling at work. I found a reliable work-related electrician in David Neff, who kept the equipment at Pat’s up and running for nearly two decades before he retired and moved to Maine last year. Stepping smoothly into David’s shoes is Peter Darling, […]

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Because I haven’t mentioned it in something like two whole days, I will open with an update on the weather: it’s snowing, with a large chance of robins in our crabapple tree. Here is the unpleasantness my weather (Weather Underground) is calling for: snow until noon, at which point it turns to rain for at […]

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Twinkie Tuesday

It’s Shrove Tuesday, which I didn’t even think about until someone at work said something yesterday. That’s kind of sad, because this is a day I used to plan for. This might strike you as a bit odd, assuming you know me, because you know I am not particularly religious about anything except my aliens. […]

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I used to be an inveterate reader. Maybe I still am; it’s very difficult to sit at breakfast without reading something, even if it’s the back of a cereal box. But I don’t spend the time that I used to at this hobby/process/activity/lifelong habit. Sleep apnea is kicking my butt twofold in this arena: it […]

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Yet More Words About the Weather

The State of Colorado appears today to be: snowy. Statewide. Statehigh. If you want to take a Sunday drive, you need to go from Grand Junction to Glenwood Springs, where it is only rainy. Maybe you can drive to Utah, but we’re only paid to worry about roads in Colorado, so there’s no color-coding provided […]

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