Great, Gatsby

Sometimes I am the most illiterate English major you are ever likely to meet. Okay, really none of that sentence is correct, but it’s dramatic, don’t you think? The fact that I am typing these entries (and relying far more heavily on spell-check than the old days), suggests I am not illiterate. But I am […]

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After talking so much about the weather recently, it’s time for me to turn to . . . politics. Well, only sort of, but this has been on my mind for awhile, so I’m going to go ahead and air it. It’s the state of the state (really, a commonwealth) of Virginia that’s been on […]

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The Puritan Way

In 1632, John Livermore arrived in the British colonies of North America. I know very little about John, except that after several generations of begatting, here I am. I figure, given the date and his location, that he was probably a Puritan, so from time to time I like to refer to my “Puritan ancestors,” […]

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Window Winterland

Around here, for the last 48 hours, it’s been all about the weather. But: we have windows, so who cares? Yes, our new, wrong-colored windows — Did I tell you that? I might not have. It turns out, we had decided on forest or, in this nomenclature, evergreen, rather than dark brown, for the outside […]

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My Valentine

Some snowy January nearly two decades ago I woke up with a singular thought: I need to go to Wisconsin. So I drove to the airport, bought a ticket, and a few days later was winging my way to Wausau, where my sister Terri had once lived for a very short time, and that was […]

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A Chill in the Air

I don’t know if it’s my thyroid or what, but I am having a heck of a time staying warm this winter. I can already hear my sister Terri in the comments section: “Maybe that’s because you live in Gunnison.” But I’ve lived in Gunnison before and not had this problem. It feels new, and […]

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Getting Real (Estate)

Remember how Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”? Yeah, I didn’t actually read it either, but I’ve heard it quoted plenty of times. [Ooh, early aside: if you want good literary quotes without being, you know, literary, Star Trek movies are your go-to. Lots of Shakespeare, some […]

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Weather Window

Because I made it seem like so much fun, Lynn was planning her own trip to Denver last week. Then the forecast for last Wednesday (her departure date) came in, and I told her she couldn’t go. To be clear, no one tells Lynn what to do. Let’s just say I strongly suggested she postpone […]

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Tight Spaces

I’m feeling very cranky this morning, and a little dizzy. I avoided antibiotics, but this has left my ears stuffed full and still crackling since the beginning of the year — and I am tired of it. Particularly if it’s going to make me dizzy. I just spent 15 minutes rearranging three different blog posts, […]

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This Place Where I Live

Some words about the weather: it’s cold. The weathercaster on Channel 4 Denver, Chris Spears, seemed quite happy (he’s always happy) this morning to report a statewide low of -18 in Gunnison. My computer begs to differ: Weather Underground currently has us at -11. (In fairness to Mr. Spears, he probably gets the temps for […]

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