frame start 1218

I was sure all your minds were as inquiring as mine, so here is what Oz and I found at the lot.

See if this sounds like a fun job: the two on their knees on the garage pad are chipping away all the little bits of ice and snow so they can lay sill seal and then a pressure plate. Some people have all the fun.

As for our massive snowstorm, that skiff was it, for now. Maybe more this afternoon. Maybe not.

And on the house hunter front, I spent all day yesterday on clean-up for a no-show. The would-be buyers must be local, because they couldn’t get off work. So they’re coming tomorrow morning. There’s a start to the New Year, eh?

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hey, the cleaning’s done! That’s a great start to the new year! And I’m sad I don’t work construction in Gunnison I’m freezing weather!


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