Y? Because We Like You

My friend Linda has an abiding love. I imagine many of us do, but maybe we don’t wear it on our sleeves as obviously. I mean, people know I like SpongeBob (close friends know I like Patrick best), but that’s a relationship that only extends back to 1999, and while I own Many Things SpongeBob, […]

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Welcome to the Jungle

Somewhere early in our relationship, I gave Lynn a little Norfolk pine. I don’t recall it, although I think Lynn does; she’s not here to recount it for me. She has already gone to work, four hours before I’ll go. Anyway, if it’s an exciting story I’ll tell you about it later, but suffice it […]

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Gone Fishin’

Yesterday was kind of a disappointing day. Lynn goes past the lot twice a day on her way to work in the metropolis of Almont (which turns out to be more thriving than I would have imagined, at least at the Post Office), and then she and Oz usually take their evening constitutional around Riverwalk. […]

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House Math

House Math: When you move from a smaller place to a bigger place, only your stuff doesn’t all fit. This happened to me once before, when I moved from an apartment that had once been a garage into this current house, which offers four bedrooms and two bathrooms. I took the furniture from a two-bedroom, […]

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Come Dancing

A truism: Songs with the word “cry” in the title are dreary; songs with the word “dance” are always good. Somewhere around the turn of the century (thanks, John, for pointing out my century-straddling status) I was casting about for some physical endeavor. My dog Reprieve was in her autumn and I just wasn’t getting […]

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Fig Newtons

Sir Isaac Newton must not have known any dogs, which in his case might have been a good thing, or the Order of the Wold As We Know It might not have happened. A good scientist would be able to tell you which Law addresses objects in motion, but I am not a scientist, so […]

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Riverwalk, where Lynn and I currently have a hole in the ground that will Someday be a house, is an interesting dichotomy of a place. It started out life as so many places around Gunnison do, in that it was ranchland. Well, let’s be technical and note that everything around here was once the purview […]

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Another Word About the Weather

“Secretly,” SpongeBob confided to his best friend Patrick, “I’m a little bit naive.” And now, in that vein, I would like to share one of my secrets with you, dear reader (or maybe there’s more than one of you): Technologically, I’m not very ept. I managed to succeed in my first blog post, with both […]

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And Now, a Word About the Weather

So, after contemplating doing this for months, I have finally acted. Sort of. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing, and watching instructional videos takes too long, so we’ll just see where this gets all of us. I don’t do much writing anymore. I’ve even turned into a dreadful e-mail correspondent, and have yet […]

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