Another Word About the Weather

plant 1118“Secretly,” SpongeBob confided to his best friend Patrick, “I’m a little bit naive.”

And now, in that vein, I would like to share one of my secrets with you, dear reader (or maybe there’s more than one of you): Technologically, I’m not very ept.

I managed to succeed in my first blog post, with both pictures and everything, but I still don’t know much about controlling this site, so you’ll have to bear with me as we figure this out. For instance, I’d like to not have to moderate comments, but I haven’t managed that piece yet. So if you write something and don’t see it right away, it’s because I’m not near my e-mail.

WordPress exhorted me to complete my “About” page, but I don’t know where that is. I also haven’t figured out how to put up a link to my e-mail in case you’d like to say something but not publicly. And I feel like the front page is shouting at people, but all their “theme” options don’t make sense to me. I went with “Interstellar 2” because it sounded, well, space-like, but so far it doesn’t look Star Trek at all.

You know, when VCRs first came out I was all over that technology. I could even talk people through setting them up or trouble-shooting over the phone, which at the time was attached to the wall. But that appears to have been the zenith of my mastery.

I got my first non-flip, smart-ish phone earlier this year, when I reluctantly abandoned our landline. Paying $70/month to receive robocalls seemed excessive, and I managed to hang onto the phone number I’ve had since I was 6. But I’m horrible at cellphones. It’s a good thing James is in my life.

We both work at Pat’s Screen Printing, and often we think a lot alike, but he is less than half my age, and his phone is also a Samsung, so I just hand him my phone and he makes it do what I want.

I have figured my way around satellite TV, but not Lynn’s Firestick, and I still don’t know the difference between a DVD and Blu-Ray, except that we rented one Redbox DVD (Jurassic Park Part 25), and it destroyed our player, leaving a Stargate DVD trapped inside.

Did I mention I still have at least two VCRs? And several VHS tapes that were hours in the making? But I did recently replace my Montgomery Wards TV with a flat screen; perhaps there is hope yet.

So I will plod along, in good Luddite fashion, maybe making some blog progress every time. Or maybe not. And here is a real word about the weather: I think it snowed more yesterday than it did all last winter. You can thank Lynn and I for that, coming as it does with the excavation of our foundation.


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