About This Weather

porthole 1118This is how blogging works, or doesn’t, around here: currently I am lying on my bed, with Marrakesh under my left hand and Na Ki’o, who is absolutely formless, draped across my chest. So far, Ozzyx hasn’t shown up to “help,” but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. In about six minutes CBS This Morning will start, and I like to watch the first commercial-free 18 minutes, then write for 10 minutes during commercials and teasers, then catch the next eight-minute segment before going to vertical — which may or may not stop Na Ki’o from welding himself to me.

Lynn, who has been at work for an hour, would like you to know that I do still know people who are living, despite what you might have read in these “pages” lately. I also think I could move away from memorials for a bit, and expected to provide some sort of house update this week, but something besides a cat got in the way: the weather.

Last year, when we were desperate for snow, we would grasp at any report of pending moisture, but Mother Nature logged fail after epic fail. Whatever snow was forecast, we automatically reduced our expectation by two-thirds: if it called for three inches, we would consider one a good return.

Well, this year, when we are still desperate for moisture, we’re getting the opposite effect: three inches of snow arrive when one is called for. It’s a welcome development — unless you are waiting for stem walls to be poured for your new house.

Over the weekend we got a decent amount of snow for a November storm. Then the prediction said it would be sunny and in the 30s until today, but that didn’t happen. It was colder than expected, and cloudier. The snow that was supposed to start today came in as damp clouds Tuesday, and dropped well above the adjusted prediction for one inch yesterday. The “40% chance” for snow today has already become a certainty.

Looking at the radar, all of California is in the throes of moisture — also desperately needed, but not in mudslide-inspiring quantities. Three feet of snow may land in the Sierra Nevadas today, CBS tells me.

Lynn, on her travels to and from Almont, has reported little fits of activity out at our lot, but unless it happened yesterday afternoon, we still don’t have forms in place for the stem walls. We both wondered last night at what point we get told we’re being put on hold indefinitely.

Update: I am now vertical after being informed as to the State of the World, and Oz never did show up to supervise. I found him stretched out in great comfort on the couch downstairs.

This is also how blogging works around here: I was planning today’s entry as a report on my Tuesday tour of our new Senior Care Center, and somehow instead I blithered endlessly about the weather.

So I might try for that tomorrow, although — as a warning or relief, you pick — I may end up with my first skipped entry. If I can slot one in between cats and news and a potential early meeting with Lena of Nunatak Energy to discuss a solar array on the roof that will be held up by trusses that sit on the framing that rests on the floor supported by stem walls that may never be poured, I’ll have a blog entry tomorrow. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until Saturday, with only this weather report to tide you over.


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